Melktrupp squad supports 3vs3 Tournament

16.08.2019 17:42

Game Boosting

Melk squad supports 3vs3 Tournament of the guild sYn - Aegwynn

Sunday, 04.03.2018 18:00 Uhr

In front of ironsmiths and in TS!

ALL can be found at 17:30 at the meeting point in front of Eisenschmiede.
You will then be invited into a group!

As of today our new tournament rules apply:

Tournament rules

Distribution of profits:

1st place: 50% of 700,000 gold. ALSO: 350,000 gold.
2nd place: 33% of 700,000 gold. ALSO: 231,000 gold.
3rd place: 17% of 700,000 gold. ALSO: 119,000 gold.



1st place: Weisslogia, Twohandsome, Scyzer
2nd place: Darwenia, Naskin, Follow
3rd place: Juniqe, Ohdaesu, Jealous.