WoW BfA Patch 8.3

10.10.2019 12:08

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Since the Battle for Azeroth came out in mid 2018, a lot has happened to today and now something is finally happening again!

The WoW expansion Battle for Azeroth gets a new patch 8.3 called Visions of N'Zoth. In this patch there will be many changes and there will also be a new raid. This raid is called Ny'alotha and a total of 12 bosses and N'Zoth are waiting for you. Finally we get to see one of the old gods with this patch, we all waited a long time for this moment and with N'Zoth finally one shows up. Probably we'll feel all his wrath that has accumulated over the centuries. Ny'alotha, the awakening city, will show you the complete glory of the Black Empire in this raid.

A new feature what there will be are the horrific visions. But what exactly are these horrific visions? It's an alternate reality that you can enter and it's designed for 1-5 players. It will show you what happens when you lose to the old god. If you enter the vision first, you won't make it very far. You won't be able to withstand N'Zoth's attacks for long and then have to retreat. You will then work with Wrathion to create a legendary cloak. This will allow you to move further into N'Zoth's visions and uncover the secrets of his visions. The cloak will prove to be very useful in your fight against N'Zoth. You can enter the new challenge and the difficulty will adapt to your number of players.

The auction house has been in WoW for a long time and is still very much in use. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you need the auction house. And it's finally being reworked, because even Blizzard has realized that it can't be done anymore. If you need a lot of materials to make an item, but you can only buy one item in the auction house, it just takes too long. That's why with the new patch the same items will always be combined and everything will be made more clearly and up-to-date. However, craft materials will no longer be sold as commandments, but only as buy-it-now items. Blizzard thought about this method because all the merchants were always beating each other and so a product that was worth 10 gold in the morning was only traded 5 gold in the afternoon and so some merchants had no chance anymore. There are also many other improvements planned for the auction house, such as the ability to create a favorites list.

The Heart of Azeroth will also get an expansion in this patch. Starting with the 8.3 patch, you will be able to level the Heart higher than level 70 and six new essences will be added. These can be unlocked by playing the new features of the patch.

There has been a lot of speculation in all the WoW forums and now it's reality, there are finally new allied races. These include the Vulpera and the Mechagnome and both are available in the classes:

- Hunter

- Mage

- Monk

- Priest

- Rouge

- Warlock

- Warrior

However, there is no shaman for the Mechagnome. The alliance gets the mechagnomes and these are closely linked to the rust bolt resistance. Only when you have reached the reputation level of Awesome can you unlock the mechagnomes and enjoy their unique abilities. If you manage to bring your allied mechagnomes from level 20 to level 120, you can expect traditional equipment for them and this will help them a lot and give them improved stats. However, when you play as a Horde, the Vulpera Foxes await you. They are a nomadic race and live mainly as looters. They were previously only found as NPCs in WoW in the desert regions of Vol'dun. The Vulpera are a people not to be underestimated, they suffer less damage from fire attacks and you can camp with them anywhere. To unlock these ingenious foxes, you'll need to reverently reach the Voldunai's reputation level and complete their story. If you also manage to level your ally's high, he'll get a wonderful traditional armor that can't be compared to anything else