Cosmic Wings

Diablo 3 Boost: Cosmic Wings

The Cosmic Wings (Rainbow Wings), are Diablo 3 wings that give your heroes large butterfly wings that act like windows to the Cosmos.

We find the Rainbow Goblin for you and enter Whimsydale.

There we will fight and defeat Princess Lilian. She will drop the Cosmic Wings for you.

We do this fast and professional for you!

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  • [EU] Diablo 3 - Cosmic Wings

Blizzard Entertainment has not always been Blizzard, as the company, founded in 1991, was renamed Blizzard in 1994. The game's developer is known and loved by many different major brands. The long-awaited action role-playing game was released in 2012. Fans of the Hack and Slay series had to wait twelve years for the next part. The game was released for all major platforms and even for new generations. Diablo 3 was released for the Nintendo Switch in 2018. The development of the action role-playing game was announced by Blizzard at the 2008 World Wide Invitational. The new 3D graphics engine first used in Diablo 3 is partly responsible for the long development.


An action role-playing game (ARPG) is a genre of computer games. It is a mixture of two successful genres, action games and role playing games. Many also use the term hack and kill for games like Diablo. Hack and Slay is a subgenre of RPGs and a game system that puts a strong emphasis on combat. The term Hack and Slay actually comes from the Pen & Paper games, which had more and more monster battles in their RPG aspects. In a game like Diablo 3, you encounter many hordes of monsters and gain experience for every kill you get.


In Diablo 3 you have seven different heroes to choose from and each one gives you a completely different feel. This is mainly because every class is completely different. Every class and every hero has different abilities and talents that are different from the others. You will gradually reach the different talents and abilities in promotions. You will also be able to unlock runes as you advance, which will give you passive abilities when you select them. You can admire your controllable character from a bird's eye view and, thanks to the new 3D engine, the game world.


So-called heal balls, which are generally only known in jump and run games, are now available in Diablo 3. If you die with your character, you will no longer have a loss of experience as in the later sections. You will lose the durability of your equipment when you die, and will have to repair it for gold.


Even today, Diablo 3 is still a pioneer in its genre, which is why Blizzard continues to provide Diablo 3 with new content and updates. You can now get the Cosmic Wings, or as they are also called, the Butterfly Wings, in Diablo 3. To get these unique wings, you need the Shepherd's Staff. The Shepherd's Staff is far from easy to get, and you will need countless resources and gold. You will get the wings from the secret Pony Level from Princess Lilian. The Pony Level or Rainbow Level in Diablo 3 is an Easter Egg of the developers. In every Diablo game there has been one such level. Melk Trupp Boosting will help you to get these special wings. With our Diablo 3 Boost you are one of the few who have these special wings.


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