Altar of Rites

The "Altar of Rites" is a special feature that was added to Diablo 3 with patch 2.4.0.

Once you have access to the Altar of Rites, you can unlock sigils by spending materials. There are a total of 26 sigils that offer various abilities and bonuses, including increased resilience, additional damage and reduced damage.

The legendary potion powers in the Altar of Rites are also very useful and can give you massive bonuses, such as resetting all cooldowns or getting all rune effects on a skill.

Overall, the Altar of Rites is an interesting addition to Diablo 3 that gives you the opportunity to further improve your skills and equipment and master new challenges.

Product details

  • Full Altar of Rites Run


Set Priority: You are guaranteed to get all usable parts for your class.

Offset Priority: You are guaranteed to receive all usable jewelery, rings and neck pieces for the desired specialization.

Relic Priority: You are guaranteed to receive all usable relics for the desired specialization.

Item Guarantee: Guaranteed to receive at least 10 items from your Raid. If no 10 items drop for you, then another raid will take place to complete the missing items.

Set Guarantee: You will get 4 set items guaranteed. If no 4 set items drop for you, another raid will take place for you to complete the missing set items.


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