Platin Package

Break through the boundaries of the known in Diablo 3 and dive into uncharted depths with our exclusive Platinum Package. This masterfully curated all-in-one offer is tailor-made to give your character the power and gear needed not only to conquer Greater Rift 120-130 but to dominate it.

The catch: We offer this service via Accplay. Simply relax while a Diablo expert does all the work for you.

Additionally, with the Platinum Package, we offer you exclusive customer support. Should any questions or uncertainties arise, our dedicated team is at your service. Enjoy the game on a whole new level and see how our service gives your adventure in Diablo 3 the decisive advantage.

Product Details:

  • Your class reaches level 70
  • Your character is ready for Greater Rift 130
  • Full build: Your character is equipped with high-quality gear
  • 1200+ earned Paragon Levels
  • 250 GR Keys for additional gameplay
  • 1500 pieces of valuable Bounty materials
  • 10x 125 Caldesanns
  • Full Altar of Rites
  • Service duration: 7-10 Days

When you delve into the mesmerizing, dark depths of Diablo 3, you crave an arsenal unparalleled in its might, ready to confront the lurking threats in the shadows. The Platinum Package embodies this very essence of desire, meticulously tailored and precisely crafted to give you the decisive edge in the game.

With this exclusive offer, you'll shatter the confines of the ordinary. Your character will not merely master Greater Rift 120 but will dominate the challenge with such power and precision that it sends shockwaves through the legends of Sanctuary. This bespoke package equips your character to tackle every challenge head-on. From reaching the remarkable Level 70, possessing a complete build with top-tier gear, to accumulating over 1000 hard-earned Paragon Levels and 200 Greater Rift Keys, your gaming experience will be elevated to heights you could never have imagined.

But it's not all about the staggering in-game metrics. Another cornerstone advantage of this package is our Accplay service. Imagine being able to recline in ease, watching as a Diablo expert transforms your character into a true legend. That's precisely what this service offers. And as you undergo this transformation, our dedicated customer support team stands ever ready. Whether questions or uncertainties arise, we're here for you.

Adventuring in Diablo 3 demands more than raw power. It's also about having the right resources. That's why the Platinum Package comes stacked with 500 of the invaluable Bounty Materials, ensuring you're well-prepared to face any challenge. And the cherry on top: Upon availing this package, your character will be poised to attain an impressive solo server rank of around 250. This isn't just a testament to your might in Sanctuary but also garners recognition from players globally.

In summary, the Platinum Package is more than just a service - it's an investment in the ultimate Diablo 3 experience. It's crafted for those who seek and deserve nothing but the best. With this package, you're in for an adventure unlike any you've ever known before.


A boost helps you progress faster in the game, be it through higher levels, better equipment or achieving difficult game goals, without having to invest a lot of time yourself.

We will issue you an invoice. As in all reputable shops, you have PayPal buyer protection.

When you play yourself, you are there live as you carry out your assignment and play your character yourself.

With Accplay you dont take an active part in the action. We game your account.

No, all services can only be used on a PC.

Yes, we provide direct contact with the booster so you can ask questions or provide instructions if necessary.

We typically begin extending service within 24 hours of your order.

Absolutely! If you need a specific service that is not listed in our store, do not hesitate to contact our support staff via Discord or Skype. We specialize in planning and creating custom solutions to meet your specific needs.

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