Super Package

Break through the boundaries of the known in Diablo 3 and dive into uncharted depths with our exclusive Platinum Package. This masterfully curated all-in-one offer is tailor-made to give your character the power and gear needed not only to conquer Greater Rift 14-150 but to dominate it.

The catch: We offer this service via Accplay. Simply relax while a Diablo expert does all the work for you.

Additionally, with the Platinum Package, we offer you exclusive customer support. Should any questions or uncertainties arise, our dedicated team is at your service. Enjoy the game on a whole new level and see how our service gives your adventure in Diablo 3 the decisive advantage.

Product Details:

  • Your class reaches level 70
  • Your character is ready for Greater Rift 140-150 upon completion
  • Full build: Your character is equipped with high-quality gear
  • 1500+ earned Paragon Levels
  • 500 GR Keys for additional gameplay
  • 1000 Every Bounty Mats
  • Season Journey Complete
  • Server RanK Solo ~100
  • Service duration: 14 Days

Dive deeper than ever into the treacherous depths of Diablo 3 with our exclusive Super Package. Crafted for the elite, this masterfully curated all-in-one offer is tailored to equip your character with power and gear that doesn't just navigate Greater Rifts 140-150 – it dominates them.

The power of the Super Package isn't merely about the thrill of gameplay. Imagine transcending the arduous grind, allowing a Diablo expert to carve your path to glory, all through our Accplay service. Sit back and relax, sipping your favorite beverage, as we elevate your character to unimaginable heights. No sweat, no stress; let us handle the meticulous details, transforming your hero into a Sanctuary legend.

But our commitment doesn't end there. With the Super Package, you're not just another customer; you're part of an elite group. This means unparalleled, exclusive customer support at your fingertips. Our dedicated team stands vigilant, ready to address any questions or uncertainties that might arise. We are determined to ensure your journey is smooth, offering guidance every step of the way. Experience the game like never before, and witness firsthand how our services provide the quintessential edge in your Diablo 3 adventures.

Delve into the specifics: upon availing the Super Package, your class will soar to Level 70, primed and ready for Greater Rift 120. With a complete, top-tier gear build, your character will be an unstoppable force, a testament to your dedication and our expertise. And with over 1500 hard-earned Paragon Levels, 500 Greater Rift Keys for amplified enjoyment, and a staggering 1000 invaluable Bounty Materials, you're not just playing; you're reigning supreme.

Add to this the completion of the Season Journey, a testament to your character's comprehensive capabilities. And if that wasn't enough, bear the coveted badge of honor with a solo server rank hovering around the prestigious 100 mark.

In essence, the Super Package isn't just a service; it's a declaration of supremacy in the world of Diablo 3. For those who accept nothing but excellence, for those who wish to etch their names in the annals of Diablo history, this package is the key to the throne room. The Sanctuary awaits its next legend; with the Super Package, that legend is you.


Set Priority: You are guaranteed to get all usable parts for your class.

Offset Priority: You are guaranteed to receive all usable jewelery, rings and neck pieces for the desired specialization.

Relic Priority: You are guaranteed to receive all usable relics for the desired specialization.

Item Guarantee: Guaranteed to receive at least 10 items from your Raid. If no 10 items drop for you, then another raid will take place to complete the missing items.

Set Guarantee: You will get 4 set items guaranteed. If no 4 set items drop for you, another raid will take place for you to complete the missing set items.


No performance required

We play with your account

Safe dealing with sensitive data


No performance required

U will play yourself with your own account

No! All our service are only legit gameplay!

We track all services in real time! And ensure that no third-patry software or scripts are used!

Yes! Your account information will of course be handled discreetly.

Only you and the player have access to your account information.

No other person has access to your order.

From our side you get maximum security in dealing with your account.

We will allow you to keep in contact with the currently most successful WoW players in the world while your order is being processed. Each member of the in-game guild Melk Trupp honors something special. For example, the formerly highest player in the world, highest player in his class or tournament victories for example. Our admission criteria are extremely high, so you get the best service.

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