Diablo 4 Echo of Varshan Kill

Dive deep into the captivating world of Diablo 4 and encounter the formidable Echo of Varshan. To summon this enigmatic foe, you must first master the Season 1 quest line and secure the Invoker of Varshan.

Choose your desired world tier, enter a Tunnel of Malice, and seek out the concealed chamber where Varshan awaits your challenge. Defeat him, and reap valuable rewards to aid you in your journey.


  • Varshan levels by world tier: WT2 - Level 50, WT3 - Level 60, WT4 - Level 80.
  • Upon defeating Varshan: Obtain specific recipes for subsequent invokers and valuable items.
  • No Level 100 needed: Varshan's level at WT3 is 60 and at WT4 is 80.

The legendary "Echo of Varshan" quickens your heart as a Diablo 4 player. In the latest chapter of your epic adventure, fate guides you into a mystical quest chain that eventually confronts you with the Echo of Varshan. But how can you discover and vanquish this powerful adversary?

Your first step on this grand journey is the new quest chain in Season 1. Throughout this quest, you'll encounter Cormond, the Seeker of Varshan, who not only provides crucial clues but also gifts you a recipe to craft a unique summoner.

Armed with this summoner, you delve into the Tunnels of Malevolence on World Level 1 or 2. Among the shadowy arches of these tunnels, you'll stumble upon a sealed door, leading to a secret chamber. Deep within, a pulsating growth awaits, one that might seem familiar if you've explored the tunnels before. It's this very growth that, when you have the Summoner of Varshan in your inventory, calls forth the imposing Echo of Varshan.

Yet, this is merely the beginning of your adventure. Once defeated, Varshan rewards you with a rage-filled heart - a treasured item that fits into any socket - and a recipe for another summoner. This allows you to call upon the Echo of Varshan again at advanced world levels, facing newer challenges and earning greater rewards.

At the heart of this challenge stands Varshan himself, a pivotal adversary who accompanies you all the way to the endgame. What's remarkable about him is how he evolves: every victory over him at a higher world level bestows upon you a recipe for an even mightier summoner.

Despite his power and the enigmatic allure he radiates, you don't need to be at the highest level to face him. The Echo of Varshan itself has varying levels, depending on which world level you confront him. This grants you both flexibility and a slew of challenges as you test your skills and strategies against this daunting opponent.

In conclusion, the "Echo of Varshan" is more than just another foe for you; it's a symbol of the depth, complexity, and ongoing adventure that Diablo 4 offers. Every echo, every summon, and every re-encounter with Varshan is a promise – a promise of thrill, of rewards, and of tales that will linger in your memory.


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+ Unlock Tier 3 + Tier 4
+ Echo of Lilith Kill
+ Echo of Duriel
+ Lord Zir Dark Master
+ Grigoire, The Galvanic Saint
+ Beast in the Ice
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