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Dota is called Defense of the Ancient and is a MOBA computer game released by Valve. In 2013, Dota 2 found its way onto Steam and since then it dominated it players charts. What has helped the game a lot is its free-to-play model, because that is how many players decided to enter the game. The first part of Dota was a modification for the game WarCraft 3 and was part of the action RTS games. The designer and longtime co-developer of the game is IceFrog and through him Valve was able to get the ingenious game. Since then, IceFrog continues to develop the game with Valve and has broken several records. Valve has brought many individual innovations to the game and has constantly improved the game. The community of Dota 2 has grown considerably and is still growing. Players from all over the world have been networked and can play with and against each other.

Dota 2 is a team game and designed to play with your friends in a team and have fun. For this purpose the party mode was developed where you can compete with your friends and get your MMR to the top. To generate a Party MMR you first have to make your 10 calibration games. After you have done this or after you have been helped with our professional boost, you can now really get started. But the way to MMR heaven is long and hard. On the way there will be many obstacles you have to take care of. Your teams will not be the best, but then you have to prove it to everyone and show that you are the very best. If you need help, then Melk Trupp is your best bet. To get your MMR up, you'll need to win, but that's easier than said.

The choice of your hero is very important, because there are so called team combinations. These only work in the one combination and if this is played well, it is almost invincible. The game will not be decided by a single person, but only you as a team. Your teamwork will decide about victory and defeat.

The goal of the game is to destroy the opposing Ancient and thus win the game. The playing field is divided into two halves by a big river in the middle. The Radiant is the bright side of the map and the Dire the dark side. The only difference between the two factions is the visual and not more or less. There are 3 Lanes on the map, the Bot Lane, the Mid Lane and the Top Lane. Each lane has 2 buildings that prevent you from entering the enemy base.

With our Melk Trupp Boosting Team, which consists of the best players in the world, it will be easy for us to carry out your Party Boost. With our professionals you will have one of the best boosting experiences ever. Get our Party Calibration Boost and let us convince you of the best boosting service.


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