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Dota 2 has become one of the greatest multiplayer experiences available. The unmistakable free-to-play model is also largely responsible for this. The former WarCraft 3 expansion has been developed into a mass market MOBA success. The game was first released on Steam in 2013 and has dominated the Steam charts ever since. With over 10 million active players, it was the most played game on Steam. The developers of Valve and the makers of Steam have taken everything possible out of the game. Defense of the Ancient as it is called by its full name, was developed by the designer IceFrog with and further. So that it could go from a WarCraft 3 card to one of the biggest games of the decade. In WarCraft 3 times it was still considered an action RTS game, but it was developed further to a MOBA. Nowadays Dota is spread all over the world and the community consists of millions of people from different countries.

In Dota 2 you have two factions fighting against each other, Dire and Radiant. But more than the appearance of the buildings the factions do not change. The map of Dota 2 is divided into two halves. The darker side belongs to the Dire and the brighter half to the Radiant. The 115 Heroes that are in Dota 2 can also be played with any faction. The fascination of a MOBA started with Dota 2 and has made big waves all over the world. The Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) is like a big playground for players who love PvP and always want to compete with others. The MOBAs are derived from the real time strategy games and that's why they are so interesting for the community.

Your Dota 2 MMR determines your skill level and will decide what kind of opponents you will play against. The real MMR you can see will be unlocked at level 20. But before that you have an invisible MMR, which works the same way in the normal games. With level 20 you will get the calibration games for the competition mode. You must complete the first 10 ladder games to generate your real MMR. This will be generated from your statistics. This is composed of your Kills-Deaths-Assists-Ratio (KDA), Gold per Minute (GPM) and Experience per Minute (XPM). If you are much better in the Calibration Games than before, your MMR will improve a lot more.

The MMR shows you what you have been able to do. If you have an MMR below 1000, you are one of the worst players. With an MMR below 2000, you are worse than the average, but not completely useless. An average player of Dota 2 has an MMR of about 2400, but with an MMR of 4000 or more you belong to the top 1% of players. The professional players in Dota 2 are on a minimum MMR of 6000.

The MMR in Dota 2 is everything and we at Melk Trupp offer you the best Dota 2 MMR boost you can find. We bring you to your desired MMR level. An MMR upgrade is very easy and our pros will give you everything you can imagine without any problems. Our pros, who also play in the best tournaments in the world, will bring your MMR as high as possible.

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