Personal Missions 1.0

Optimize your strategy in World of Tanks and unlock the Object 260 with our "Personal Missions 1.0" service. Our team of experienced players will guide you through the specific missions required for this prestigious tank. Choose the missions you want to master, and we'll take care of the rest.

Each mission requires the use of certain vehicles from your garage. Rely on our expertise and save valuable time as we tackle the complex challenges for you. With us by your side, the path to the Object 260 is not only faster but also more enjoyable.

Do you have questions or need assistance? Our support team is available at any time via Skype or Discord. We offer not only help with completing missions but also support you in planning and strategy development to ensure you get the most out of your game. With "Personal Missions 1.0," you're always one step ahead.


  • Tailored completion of personal missions for the Object 260.
  • Experienced players who efficiently complete your missions.
  • Individual selection of missions possible – each requires specific vehicles from your garage.
  • Separate purchases necessary for missions of different campaign tanks.

In the heart of the virtual battleground of World of Tanks, a new era of strategic prowess and personal triumph comes to life with our service, "Personal Missions 1.0". This is not a mere path in the game but a tailored expedition designed to elevate your skills and lead you to the legendary Object 260. Here, in this digital realm of tactics and valor, every move, every shot, and every decision is shaped and refined by the knowledgeable support of our team of seasoned players.

The essence of "Personal Missions 1.0" lies in the personal touch we impart on each mission. We understand that every tank commander is unique, with their own collection of war machines and a distinct way of dominating the battlefield. Our task is to elevate your personal warfare to new heights. Together, we select the missions that suit your style and guide you through the specific challenges each task presents. Your garage, populated with the steel behemoths you've meticulously chosen and upgraded, becomes the foundation of our collective success.

Reaching the Object 260 is a journey demanding precision, patience, and strategic finesse. With each completed mission, we add another piece to the puzzle of your triumph. Our expertise not only grants you time – a precious currency in the world of rapid decisions and lurking dangers – but also ensures a smooth and targeted progression through the twists and turns of the most challenging missions. With us by your side, the most complex challenges transform into achievable objectives, adding luster to your profile and power to your arsenal.

Yet "Personal Missions 1.0" is more than just a bridge to one of the most coveted tanks in the game. It's a promise – a promise to unite you with the Object 260 and to ensure that you are supported and counseled at every step of this journey. Our support team, accessible via Skype and Discord, is at your side to answer questions, discuss strategies, and navigate you through the turbulent times. Our support is comprehensive and steadfast, driven by the desire to provide you with a gaming experience as unique and satisfying as the battles you wage.

With "Personal Missions 1.0", you don't just enter the battlefield; you shape it. You dictate the direction, choose your missions, and leverage the full potential of each armored companion in your collection. It's a path shaped by your choices, your preferences, and the unique capabilities of each vehicle in your arsenal. And while separate purchases may be necessary for different campaign tanks, investing in "Personal Missions 1.0" is an investment in your skills, your future in the game, and the countless victories that lie ahead. For in the world of World of Tanks, you are more than just a player – you are a strategist, a craftsman of your art, and, with us at your side, an invincible commander on the journey to the Object 260.


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