Classic Professions 1 - 300

In WoW Classic you can only learn two main professions. You can also learn the secondary professions without any restrictions.

The Classic Professions 1 - 300 Service saves you the hassle of farming and crafting to reach the maximum level of 300.

If you are unsure about the classic professions, please contact our english support.

The [EU] WoW Classic - Professions 1 - 300 Service is a must for every Classic player.

Product details

  • A Classic Profession from Level 1 - 300
  • Alchemy
  • Leatherworking
  • Engineering
  • Blacksmithing
  • Tailoring
  • Enchanting
  • Mining
  • Herbalism
  • Skinning
  • Fishing
  • First Aid
  • Cooking

In WoW Classic there are also professions and these are an important part of the game. You can choose a main profession and a secondary profession. Classic distinguishes between manufacturing professions and collective professions and secondary professions and there are a total of nine professions and three secondary professions. There are nine main professions and three secondary professions and each profession is different. However, you can only choose 2 of these professions. It is important that you choose the right profession for your class and choose two related professions. Mining and blacksmithing, for example, are a good combination as professions, whereas alchemy and mining would not be a good combination. There are countless combinations and you will have to find out which are good and which are not.

Alchemy is a very important profession and you can earn a lot of gold with it, because you make potions and other consumables. It is one of the few professions that is important in the beginning and with which you can help many players. It's also an important profession for the endgame, because you make important buffs for the players that are needed for the raids and instances, but there are not only advantages in this profession, but also some disadvantages. For alchemists it is important to find and learn the rare recipes. However, some of them are quite difficult to find.

Mining is essential for many other professions such as blacksmithing. Mining is exclusively concerned with the mining of ores. Everywhere in the world ore deposits are hidden for you. The good thing about mining is that you can also do it while questing. You can sell your ores in the auction house and earn a lot of gold with them. As good as this profession is, it can be annoying and desperate. The stupid thing is that some places you have to go to are mostly empty farmed and some farm places are in dungeons.

Once you have reached level 30 with your character and learned level 200 Engineering Skill, you can choose between Goblin Engineering or Gnome Engineering by completing a quest. Raiders can make things like the repair bots or the goblin jumper cable. The hunter also needs the most valuable ammo from Ingi.

With the Herbalism you are there to collect the herbs in the wilderness or instances and resell them profitably or process them for their alchemist profession. It's a good source of gold you can use even when you're questing.

Leatherworking is also a very important profession because you can use it to make a lot of armor that can be used by different players. Skinning harmonizes well with leatherworking and you can level both at the same time.

The art of blacksmithing is for you to forge weapons and armor. As a blacksmith you already have good equipment during leveling. If you play a blacksmith you have the possibility to craft a Sharpening Stone and this will improve your weapon damage. You will eventually have to specialize and decide whether you want to become an armorsmith or a weaponsmith. In the endgame you can make the most valuable axes and swords. A disadvantage is that you need a lot of different materials and therefore the profession becomes very farm intensive.

The profession of tailoring is certainly interesting for all fabric wearers. The tailor has no specialisation. All fabrics you solder can be processed directly. You don't need a second profession for tailoring. Especially at the beginning of the game you will be able to earn good gold by building bags. More space in your inventory will be a constant demand.

Enchanting is about improving your equipment even further. The good thing about this profession is that everyone needs a good enchanter. You will get good improvements in the level phase and if you are lucky you can disenchant unwanted loot in instances.


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Character Name + Server
Enchanting 1 - 300
Tailoring 1 - 300
Alchemy 1- 300
Leatherworking 1 - 300
Engineering 1 - 300
Blacksmithing 1 - 300
Herbalism 1 - 300
Mining 1 - 300
Skinning 1 - 300
Cooking 1 - 300
First Aid 1 - 300
Fishing 1 - 300
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