An instance is the same as a dungeon, these are designed for 5 players. In our Instances category, there is every Classic instance you want.

In the Uldaman instance, eight bosses and the Ancient Stone Keeper await you as end bosses. You can find the dungeon in the Badlands and it has a number of 5 players. The level you must have is between 35 - 45 and there are some treasures waiting for you in the depths of this ancient city. You must not miss these valuable artifacts.

WOW Classic
Shadowfang Keep has 6 bosses and Lord Vincent Godfrey as your final boss. You can find the instance in the Silverpine Forest and it is available for levels 16 - 26. The estate is located above the village of pyrewood and has its name from the Archmage Arugal. The magician is close to madness because of his guilt and his condition doesn't seem to improve either.

The Stockade is a five player instance and is located in Stormwind. In Elwynn Forest, Hogger is waiting for you as the final boss, but to get to him you'll have to fight past two more bosses. The dungeon doesn't get its name for nothing, because it's used as a prison and it's hidden beneath the Stormwind Channel District.

In Orgrimmar, there is the Ragefire Chasm in the Cleft of Shadow. It is intended for levels 15 - 21 and Taragaman the Hungerer awaits you as the final boss. A total of six bosses are waiting for you in this instance. The Ragefire Chasm lies below Orgrimmar and consists of several volcanic caves.

The Kral of Razorfen is the resting place of the mighty Agamaggan and is located in the Southern Barrens. This dungeon is designed for 5 players of levels 30 - 40. The demigod Agamaggans is a war legend and 10 thousand years ago he smashed the Burning Legion. You have 5 bosses and Charlga Razor Flank as your final boss.

The Wailing Caves are located in wasteland and are intended for level 15-25 players. In this instance, nine bosses and Mutanus the Devourer await you as final bosses. The caves are a dangerous wasteland and it is the source of the pollution of the land.

The Dungeon Wailing Caverns lies in the Northern Barrens and is before the Wailing Caverns. The dungeon is up to 5 players and the levels are 40 - 50. The huge army of quilboars has sworn its life to protect its priests. Some of the Quilboars have some kind of mutation and have become frighteningly strong.

The Death Mines are located in Westfall and have a huge tunnel network. At that time the mines had a third of the gold reserves of Stormwind, but the war made them give up everything. The player level for this dungeon is 15 ? 21. In the instance, six bosses and Vanessa van Cleef await you as the final boss. The mines lay still until the Defias Brotherhood moved in and chose it as their base of operations.

The Blackfathom is designed for player levels 20 - 30 and is limited to 5 players. The cave is located in the Ashenvale . You can expect Aku´mai as the final boss and a total of eight bosses. At that time, the night elves built the temple in honor of the moon goddess Elune.

Gnomeregan has been the capital of the gnomes for several generations. The instance is located in the New Tinkerer City in the Dun Morogh area. The dungeon is designed for level 24 - 34 players and the number of players is 5. Gnomeregan is classified as a masterpiece and it is considered the brilliance and ingenuity of the genomes.