Blackfathom Deeps

Blackfathom Deeps (20-30) is a 5 player instance on the West Coast of Ashenvale.

It is very popular with Alliance and Horde players.

The [EU] WoW Classic - Blackfathom Deeps Service offers you a fast and secure instance run.

The Warlocks and Paladins have to visit the Blackfathom Deeps because of their class quest.

In Blackfathom Deeps, you can complete a variety of quests.

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The Blackfathom Deeps is an instance of WoW Classic and designed for 5 players. After a patch you can even visit it to 10 players. The deeps has a minimum level of 15 and the level range for it is 20-30. This dungeon is not intended for any particular faction, because both can visit it and have quests for it.

The Blackfathom Deeps is located at the Zoramstrand in the Ashenvale and this is in Kalimdor. The night elves and hordlers have it much easier to get here. The other Alliance players have a longer way to the deeps.

Long ago, the Blackfathom Deeps was a glorious temple built in honor of the moon goddess. Elune is the Moon Goddess and is one of the few real gods in Azeroth. After the great destruction, the temple was destroyed and the waves devoured it. It remained untouched under the water until Naga and Satyrn discovered the ancient power and wanted to use it for themselves.

Legend has it that Aku'mai is the favorite animal of the Old Gods. Even the twilight hammer cult is said to have fought its way into the deeps to sunbathe in the power of Aku'mai. They have moved into the moonlight ruins that lie in the Blackfathom Deeps. After the cult had sacrificed countless, they have been given a new task. Now you have to watch out for Aku'mai, because he has to be raised before he can use the dark powers.

The bosses in the Blackfathom Deeps are Ghamoo-ra, Lady Sarevess, Lorgus Jett, Gelihast, Baron Aquanis, Old Serra'kis, Twilight Lord Kelris and Aku'mai.

Ghamoo-ra is a giant turtle that lives in the Blackfathom Deeps. She is the first boss in this instance and she was raped and tortured by the cult until she went mad.

The second boss is Lady Sarevess and she is a corrupt Naga sorceress. The cultists give her sacrifice which she takes for her rituals. The cult hopes that she will find magical protection so they don't have to be afraid of being eaten worshipping the Hydra.

Lorgus Jett is the next boss and a follower of the Twilight Hammer cult. He has commissioned others to bring the sapphires of Aku'mai to him. The cult thinks that they can appease Aku'mai by the crystals, and they believe that at some point they have made enough to bring Aku'mai back.

Gelihast is the fourth boss in the Blackfathom Deeps. The boss guards a cave inside the Blackfathom Deeps with his bodyguards. In this cave a strange ball is waiting for you, which gives you a special bonus.

The fifth boss is Baron Aquanis and he is a water elemental living in the Blackfathom Deeps. After his death, he leaves behind a strange water ball that has provided the creature with energy.

Old Serra'kis is a boss in the Blackfathom Deeps. But the problem with this boss is that he is not so easy to find. To find him you have to dive into the water around the Moon Shrine Sanctum.

The seventh boss waiting for you is the Twilight Lord Kelris. He is the commander of the Twilight Hammer Cult and was once named Lord of the Twilight Hammer Kelris.

Finally, the final boss awaits you in the Blackfathom Deeps, Aku'mai. The entrance is closed by heavy gates and is guarded by cultists. Aku'mai is an ancient being who still carries a small part of the power of the old gods. He is a three-headed Hydra who is very feared and has an insatiable hunger.


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