Dire Maul

A minimum level of 48 is required for the Dire Maul Dungeon. To experience a stress-free run, a level between 55-60 is recommended.

The Dungeon Complex is located in the center of Feralas and is divided into three sections.

Warriors and Paladins can start now the quest for the epic sword Quel'Serrar

There is also the dreaded Tribut Run !

The now opened Dire Maul Dungeon allows Warlocks and Paladins to start their class quest for the epic Mount.

The Mages will surely want to do their quest for the better water here.

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Dire Maul is an instance designed for 5 players of minimum level 48. If you want to cross it without any problems, a level of 55-60 is recommended. Dire Maul is a dark area with many secrets and dangers. The instance is located in Feralas and is divided into three parts.

Once this area and the ancient city of Eldre'Thalas belonged to Queen Azshara. Many secrets of that time are said to be hidden in the city. However, the city lies in ruins since then the world was divided. The destroyed ruins are still more massive, powerful and magnificent than anything else. The old glory of that time has not been there for a long time, the city is only known for its strange creatures.

In the east of the destroyed city lies the Warpwood district and the shrine of Eldretharr. The area in the eastern part of the city is the dominion of Alzzin the Wildshaper. He is a satyr striving for power who wants to destroy all of Feralas. But he was not powerful enough to do so until he found the Shrine of Eldretharr. With this he managed to bundle the control of the life force of the forest and use it for himself. Near Alzzins the terrible plant devil's tendril blooms. At the Devil's tendrils Pussillin has hidden the Moon's Crescent Key, which you need to get into the other dungeons. In the Warpwood district the bosses are called Zevrim Thornhoof, Hydrospawn, Lethtendris and Alzzin of the Wildshaper. However, Pusillin is waiting for you hidden somewhere near the Devil's Tendrils.

To the west of the city is the Capital Garden, and you'll be able to come to the Demon Immol'thar's prison via the Highborne Courtyard. Immol'thar is a Demon Dog and a Horror of Emptiness held captive in the Capital Garden. He, was summoned in a desperate attempt because the Shen'dralar thought he could bring them back the power and immortality they had lost when the Well of Eternity was destroyed. The Shen'dralar used the Demon Dog as an energy source for almost 10,000 years. He waits until the day when he can free himself and finally take revenge. The gate leading to the prison, however, is guarded by Tendris Warpwood, but he is not the only thing you have to defeat. You still have to deactivate all pylons in the yard to open the way. In the western capital garden, the bosses are Tendris Warpwood, Iliyanna Ravenoak, Magister Kalendris, Immol'thar and Prinz Tortheldrin.

In the north there are the Gordok Halls and this is the seat of government of the orc king Gordok. The north of the city is full of orcs, but some also have some animal and demonic companions. King Gordok is a violent ogre and has taken his crown by force. Even today, ogres secretly speak of the Day of Blood because he had caused a massacre. Captain Kromcrush still has a score to settle and he wants to get the cuffs back. The cuffs of Grodok power are said to have been stolen by the prince Tortheldrin. Kromcrush is known for his violent anger against anyone who insults him or the king. In the north in the Gordok Halls the bosses wait: Guard Mol'dar, Stomper Kreeg, Guard Fengus, Guard Slip'kik, Captain Kromcrush, Cho'Rush the Observer and King Gordok.

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