Lower Blackrock Spire

The Lower Blackrock Spire has a minimum level of 48 and is recommended for players with character level 55-60.

LBRS is designed for 5 players, like most instances in WoW Classic.

You can reach Blackrock via the Thorium Point in the Searing Gorge.

UBRS and LBRS share the same instance input. After entering the instance you have to keep to the right.

The [EU] WoW Classic - Lower Blackrock Spire Boost contains all 9 bosses.

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Both factions:

The Lower Blackrock Spire belongs to the Blackrock and is a dungeon. This instance is designed for 5 players and requires a minimum level of 48. The level range for the Lower Blackrock Spire is 55-60. With our Dungeon Boost you will easily get through the instance.

Blackrock is located in the Eastern Kingdoms and is one of the largest mountains in the world. There are two paths leading to it, one from the Burning Steppes and the Searing Gorge. The Blackrock was formed in the Three Hammers War when Ragnaros was liberated from his prison. His liberation probably shook the whole world and the huge volcano, the Blackrock, was created. The leader of the dark iron dwarves Thaurissan freed Ragnaros in a desperate act. The war of the three hammers seemed lost to him and he was looking for something that could bring a turn. A mistake was made and Ragnaros saw the light of day again and the Fire Lord seized power.

In the lower Blackrock Spire there are a total of 13 bosses and 4 of them are rare. The bosses are: Burning Devil's Watch, Highlord Omokk, Spirestone Battle Lord, Spirestone Lord Magus, Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin, War Master Voone, Bannok Grimaxt, Mother Smolderweb, Crystal Fang, Urok Doomhowl, Quartermaster Zigris, Halycon, Gizrul the Slavener, Ghok Haudrauf, Spirestone Butcher and Overlord Wyrmthalak.

Gizrul the Slavener is a boss in the lower Blackrock Spire. He is Halycon's partner and only appears when she is killed. Only few get to see the unpredictable Gizrul ever. She only comes out when his partner calls him.

Halycon is the cave-mother of the Worgs and lives also in the lower Blackrock Spire. The pack leader of the Worgs is the partner of Gizrul the Slavener. She is a product of dark magic and can be found in the halls of Hordemar.

The boss Highlord Omokk lives in the lower Blackrock Spire and is an ogre. Without the Omokk leadership, the cowardly Spirestone would be powerless. The general rules with all power and violence and is hoping to seize the title of high lord. He has many challengers but none of them could stand up to him. Not even one has managed to meet him and so there are rumours that he has been spellbound.

War master Voone is a boss in the lower Blackrock Spire. The general of the Smolderthorn is a merciless and cruel Forest Troll. Voone joined the Blackrock Horde because he wanted to become their chief strategist, not because he shares the same ideology.

The large, cruel spider mother Smolderweb is a boss in the lower Blackrock Spire. She lives in the skitterweb cave and this lies in the heart of the Blackrock Spire. Since the Dark Iron Dwarves entered the mother's cave, she has had free access to the halls of the Spire.

Another boss in the lower Blackrock Spire is the Overlord Wyrmthalak. The Black Dragon Brood supervises the troops in the Lower Blackrock Spire. He is the chief leader of the citadel and is under the direct command of General Drakkisath.

The Quartermaster Zigris is a boss in the lower Blackrock Spire. He is an orc hunter in the Blood Axe Legion and has earned himself a questionable reputation. He had slaughtered refugees from storm winds like game in the first war.

The shadow hunter Vosh'gajin is a boss in the lower Blackrock Spire. The insane and deadly forest troll is known for her beauty among the trolls. She has impressive abilities because she is a master of the shadow arts.

Urok Doomhowl is the true ruler of the Spirestone. He is a deceitful magician who never steps into the limelight himself, but has his puppets for it. His assistant is the highlord Omokk, whom he has coated with a malicious magic.


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