In the instance Maraudon has a minimum level of 30. It is recommended for players of level 45-52.

Like most instances, Maradon is designed for 5 players. 

Maraudon is located near the flying point in Desolace.

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Maraudon is a huge dungeon complex and is designed for 5 level 45-52 players. The instance is located in the west of Kalimdor in Desolace and the city is protected by the centaurs of Maraudine. Maraudon is a huge temple and is considered the final resting place of Zaetar. Zaetar is one of the immortal sons of Cenarius. The Princess of the Earth Elementals created together with Zaetar the people of the Centaurs.

Eight bosses await you in this raid instance. The bosses are divided into a purple and an orange area. The purple area has two bosses, the tinkerer Gizlock and Lord Vyletongue. Gizlock is a tinkerer and inventor and will present you with some challenges. The Lord Vyletongue is guarded by two guards and you have to kill them first and then take care of the Lord.

If you continue to fight your way into the orange part, the remaining bosses will be waiting for you. The next boss you'll encounter will be Noxxion. First you have to go through the dungeon to get to him. Along the way you'll mainly encounter plants and poisonous mud. It's best to kill them with ranged weapons. You'll eventually arrive at the larvae spiders and you'll have to defeat them first to get to Noxxion. When you arrive at Noxxion you have your next big fight ahead of you. The tank you have with you will be thrown up by him over and over again, distributing a poison effect that causes natural damage again and again. Noxxion splits up every now and then and to defeat him you have to kill the small enemies before he returns. The next enemy is sling root but he won't cause you too much trouble because he's not very strong. The fifth boss in the instance is Celebras the Cursed, but you can defeat him as the first or last boss of the section. He'll call in more and more corrupt forces of nature that can really overrun you if you're not careful. If you're in his area of influence, he'll root a random player and hold him. After you've defeated him, it'll keep you going. Go on and watch the patrols and stay on the path. After you've crossed the bridge go on and then you should hit landslide. But be careful, because landslide will always stun your whole group and summon stone elementals. Be careful not to get hit in the depths and push the boss with his back against the wall. As the seventh boss you'll get Princess Theradras. She'll cast a spell that will push you back, make sure you're not pushed down. You'll have to be careful because she'll also scare you with her repulsive stare. The last and eighth boss will be Rotgrip. However, this boss is not only dangerous because of the bleeding effect he inflicts, but also because you're fighting underwater. Don't forget that you'll always need air and you'll drown if you don't. In this boost we will unlock and complete the Maraudon instance. Our pros will earn everything and get you some special BiS items that will be dropped as Loot.


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