Razorfen Downs

Razorfen Downs (40-50) is a 5 player instance and can be reached via an entrance in the southern "Northern Barrens"

The [EU] WoW Classic - Razorfen Downs service includes 6 bosses and a fast run.

Again, there are some quests for the Alliance and Horde.

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Both factions:

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The Razorfen Downs is a dungeon for both factions. To get into the dungeon you need the minimum level of 35, the recommended level is 40-55. The hill is close to the kraul and also lies in the southern wasteland. The flying points are exactly the same as for the kraul. The flying point for the Horde is the freewind post in the village of Thousand Needles. For the Alliance it's different than for the kraul, because here you have two places where you can fly. The flying points are Astranaar in thousands of needles or Ratschet in fallow land. The names already tell you that the Kraul of the Razorfen and the hill of the Razorfen are very close to each other. They are in the southern fallow land, directly at the border to thousand needles.

The Razorfen hill is infested with the same thorns as the Razorfen kraul. The hill is the capital of the Quilboar and in the huge labyrinth of the thorny tendrils lurks a huge army of quilboars. All the wild boars have sworn to defend their high priestess on her life. Emissaries of the hostage have recently gained control of the Quilboar tribe. The leader Amnennar the Cold Bringer increases his power and influence every day. If he is not stopped, he will occupy the entire wasteland. Some quilboars have become frighteningly strong from the plague and one can only hope that the pact with the hostage will end well.

The Hostage is an army of undead and was originally meant to be a tool of the Burning Legion. After the Lich King's betrayal, it was liberated and is now at war with the Alliance and the Horde. The Scourge wants to wipe out all life on Azeroth.

The bosses in this dungeon are: Tuten'kash, Mordresh Fire Eye, Ragglesnout, Struvmane (rare), Amnennaar the Coldbringer and Plaguemaw the Rotting (Summon).

Tuten'kash is the first boss in the Razorfen Hill. He is an undead grave beast of the Neruber. The Nerubers are spider creatures and once ruled the kingdom of Azjol-Nerub. They used to be the pullers between the Horde and the Alliance, and now they are in the hands of the Lich King.

Mordresh Fire Eye is the second boss in the instance. It is an undead skeleton that possesses shamanic abilities. Mordresh was once a shaman and was revived with necromantic magic.

The third boss is Ragglesnout and he is an undead monstrosity. A monstrosity is an undead in the service of the hostage. Traditionally, monstrosities are patched up in slaughterhouses. They are sewn together from different parts of other bodies.

Amnennar the Cold Bringer is the ruler of the Razorfen Downs. He, was reborn as Lich and thus has a telepathic connection to Ner'zhul. The former orc witch master was torn apart by Kil'jaeden.


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