Razorfen Kraul

The Razorfen Kraul (30-40) lies in the southern wasteland and is a very popular instance.

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The instance Razorfen Kraul is designed for 5 players and to get into the dungeon you need a minimum level of 25. The recommended level for this dungeon is between 30-40. The Razorfen is located in Kalimdor in Southern Barrens and the closest flying points for the factions are Openwind Posts for the Horde and Thalanaar for the Alliance.

In the heart of the wasteland lies the Razorfen Kraul instance. Many players level here and sooner or later pass by the instance. For Horde players, the instance is much easier to reach than for Alliance players. The Alliance players have to cover a small distance, but it's not so bad compared to others.

The Razorfen Kraul is the resting place of Agamaggan, the mighty boar God and the Savior of Azeroth. The climax of Agamaggan is when he entered the battlefield 10,000 years ago, preventing the demise of Azeroth. The Burning Legion seemed unstoppable until Azeroth joined forces and Agamaggan stood up to them. The boar god fought for his life and had to leave it on the battlefield. The descendants of the demigod are the quilboars and where the blood of Agamaggan landed, huge thorny tendrils grew after some time. The kraul is their highest sanctuary for the quilboar and they settled nearby.

Agamaggan is considered a pure god and therefore it is surprising why the Quilboar under the leadership of Charlga Razorflank attacks the enemy tribes, orcs and tauren again and again. The once pure quilboar has been corrupted and there is evidence that its leader has a dark pact with agents of the hostage.

The bosses in this dungeon are: Roogug, Death Speaker Jargba, Overlord Ramtusk, Earth Caller Halmgar, Aggem Thorncurse, Agathelos the Raging, Blind Hunter and Charlga Razorflank.

Roogug is a shaman and he is the first boss in the dungeon. He'll attack you with lightning and put an earth elemental on your neck.

The Death Speaker Jargbar is the second boss and the captain of the skulls' quilboar. Once you've defeated him, Paladins can look forward to special Loot for themselves.

Overlord Ramtusk is the next boss and he is a typical quilboar warrior. He will most likely leave you a rare axe as prey after his death.

The Earth caller Halmgar is the fourth boss in this dungeon and he is a rare quilboar. Halmgar even has an Earth Elemental as his protector and companion.

The fifth boss in the instance is the Prophet of Quilboar. His name is Aggem Thorncurse and you can find him in the Razorfen Kraul.

Agathelos the Raging is the sixth boss in this dungeon. He is a huge boar and you should watch out for him. An energy field holds him back and when the prickly liver is switched off, Agathelos rushes off.

The Blind Hunter is a very rare boss and he is the seventh boss if you find him and he appears.

The last boss in the instance is Chargla Razorflank. She is the senior elderly woman and controls most of the kraul. The quilboar attack enemy tribes, Tauren and Orcs under her leadership.


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