Scarlet Monastery

The Scarlet Monastery is divided into 4 instances. From level 26 on you can start in this dungeon. It is located in the northeastern corner of Tirisfal near Undercity!

You can stay in the Scarlet Monastery by grating the dungeons up to level 50.

  • Graveyard (Level: 26-36) - Left entrance
  • Library (Level: 29-39) - Right entrance
  • Armory (Level: 32-42) - Center right entrance
  • Cathedral (35-45) - Center left entrance

In [EU] WoW Classic - Scarlet Monastery you can also complete the Mage Class Quest quickly and stress-free!

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Magier Class Quest:

The Scarlet Monastery is a very special dungeon, because it is not like a normal instance. The monastery is located on Horde territory and north of Tirisfal. This means the Alliance has a very difficult path to the monastery and the Horde has an easy path.

The special thing about the scarlet monastery is that it is divided into four different instances and each instance is designed for 5 players. The first instance in the monastery is the graveyard and you can find it in the left entrance and it is designed for levels 26-36. The bosses in the graveyard are the Interrogator Vishas and the Bloodmage Thalnos as the final boss. You will find Vishas in the first room and have to defeat them. Thalnos, on the other hand, will wait for you in the Tomb of Honour and until then you'll have to get through. Something special about the graveyard is that sometimes three rare enemies appear there. The three enemies are Ironspine, Azshir the Sleepless and Fallen Champion, but they will only appear in 5% of cases. So you'll have to go to the graveyard about 20 times to maybe hit them.

The second instance can be found in the right entrance and is the library, which is designed for levels 29-39. In the library there are two bosses, the Houndmaster Loksey and the Arcanist Doan. When you face the Houndmaster you should first kill his dogs and then you can get really dangerous. He'll leave you a dog's whistle as a loot and you can use it to summon a guard dog. He will support you in the fight, but the whistle has only 3 charges. With Doan the Arcanist it is important that you have a good attack plan and don't let his abilities hit you. He's a powerful sorcerer who will cause area fire damage as soon as he has half his life left. He also gets a shield which makes him immune to everything for 10 seconds.

The armory is designed for levels 32-42 and the entrance is in the middle of the right entrance. Only one boss awaits you in the armoury and his name is Herod. The Herod is the boss opponent of the armoury and will make sure that if you kill him, his apprentices will start a mass attack. They'll want to avenge their master, but you'll have to wait for everyone to be in the middle and only then should you attack them with area damage.

The last instance is the Cathedral and it is designed for levels 35-45. You'll find it in the middle of the left entrance. Three bosses await you in the cathedral. The High Inquisitor Fairbanks is waiting for you in front of a secret door, but he won't attack you until you've attacked him. If you go to him, make sure that the end boss scralet commander Mograine doesn't get too close to you, otherwise the boss battle will start. If you fight against the commander and defeat him, the High Inquisitor Whitemane will come out white streaks and continue fighting against you. When she reaches half of her Health, she will cast a Sleep spell that lasts for 10 seconds. During this time she will resurrect the commander and then they will both fight against you.

We from Melk Trupp will kill you at the Scarlet Monastery and defeat all the bosses. Depending on the faction, you will also be unlocked.


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