You can master the instance Scholomance from character level 48. It will be easier if the group is in the level range 58-60.

The 5 player instance is located in the east of the Western Plaguelands on the island of Caer Darrow.

Alchemists will probably have to visit Scholomance more often. The instance contains one of only two alchemy laboratories in WoW Classic. The lab is needed to make the flasks for the raids!

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The Scholomance is located in the western Plaguelands and is an instance for 5 players of minimum level 48, but it is recommended to go in with levels 58-60. The dungeon belongs to the ranking of 2 dungeons, which means it belongs to one of the best dungeons available at this time.

But why is that? A Dungeon Ranking is composed of many factors including the special Loot you can get or the special bosses there can be. Of course, a mixture of all is always the best and most sensible. This place is also very interesting for alchemists, because you will find one of the two alchemy labs there. Altogether in the complete WoW Classic there are only two alchemy labs.

In the western Plaguelands are located in the east of Tirisfal and are plagued with an adoring plague.

From the keep of House Barov the Scholomance was created a school for necromancers. An extensive network of crypts hides under the decayed Caer Darrow. Scholomance lies beneath the dilapidated Caer Darrow, which was destroyed in the Second War. The house of Barovs was doomed when they joined Kel'Thuzad. They were promised immortality, which of course they never got. They left everything to him, including the underground crypts, and were then killed by cultists. Kel'Thuzad has not been in the crypts for a long time and yet there are many cultists and teachers. The Scholomance is defended by Lich Ras Frostwisper in the name of the hostage. Ras used to be a man and magician who gave himself to the Lich King to serve him. The final boss of this dungeon is Darkmaster Gandling and he is darker than ever before. Ever since he lost in Andorhal, he hasn't been the same. The director now always demands top performance from his students and when they can't afford it, cruel things are done with them.

The Scholomance is fortunately easily accessible for both factions and no one has to perform any tricks. But there is a problem! When you arrive, the gate is locked. If you don't know this beforehand, you have a problem, because you will only get into the Scholomance with a special key. You need the skeleton key to open the lock of the huge door. Opening a door with a key is of course standard, but you can also open this door with other ways.

There aren't that many quests for Scholomance, but there are some that are particularly crisp. Make sure you get the quest from Eva Sarkhoff, because she will give you the spectral essence after the quest. But what can you do with it? When you create the essence you can see the different spirits of the island and talk to them.

With our WoW Classic Boost you'll also get a lot of loot worth mentioning. It will get Pre Raid or BiS items among other things. If you are very lucky and a special adventurer, you may find T0 Set parts.

In Scholomance some bosses await you. In the first part the boss, the blood servant of Kirtonos is waiting for you. Once you've defeated him, you'll need the blood of innocents to summon Kirtonos the Herald. This is your second boss. Next you'll come to Jandice Barov, the third boss. Next comes the fourth boss Rattlegore and he has the key for the second part of the Scholomance. The next bosses are Marduk Blackpool and Vectus. The last boss of the first part that awaits you is Ras Frostwhisper. In the second part, where you can only get on with the key, all bosses will have similar items. Except the end boss Darkmaster Gandling has his own items. The bosses in the second part are: Instructor Malicia, Doctor Theolen Krastinov, Lorekeeper Polkelt, The Ravenian, Lord Alexei Barov, Lady Illucia Barov and as Endboss Dark Master Gandling.

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