Shadowfang Keep

Shadowfang Keep (18-23) is a cursed fortress in the southern part of the silver forest.

It is a 5-player instance in WoW Classic. Especially Horde players should visit it. This instance can also be entered as an alliance player.

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The Schadowfang Keep is a five player instance and is designed for the minimum level of 14. The level range is between 22-30 and this dungeon is designed for the Horde. The castle is located in the Eastern Kingdoms in the Silverpine Forest.

The castle is located above pyrewood and got its name from the Archmage Arugal. The place lies in the silverpine forest, which is destroyed by the Worgen with the time ever more. The Schadowfang Keep once belonged to the Baron Silverlaine and he also counts among the victims of the Worgen.

Most visitors of the castle are followers of the Horde. Only warlocks and paladins have a quest that will take them there, otherwise only many others will get lost there. In the instance there are a total of 5 quests where 3 are only for the Horde and the other two are divided between the classes Paladin and Warlock. For Alliance players it can be worthwhile to visit the castle, because some special items can be dropped.

When you're in the castle, you'll also get to the kitchen, where the first boss of the werewolf will be waiting for you, the Razorclaw the Butcher. After you've defeated him, you can continue into the large dining room, where Baron Silverlaine is already waiting for you. You can also bypass the two bosses, but you shouldn't do that, because they'll have some good items ready for you. Next you'll come to the next boss, Commander Springvale. This human commander has his own entourage, which can take your ability to cast spells for a short time. Then you'll come to the next boss, the Werewolf Odo the Blindwatcher, who watches over the bats in the castle. The next boss who can expect you is the Deathsworn Captain. He will only appear to you in very few cases, but if you do, you should defeat him, because he might have some special items. When you come to the library, you'll find the giant wolf Fenrus the Devourer. If you continue, you will meet the Wolf Master Nandos. Even if he's alone, you should still be careful. He'll keep calling wolves to fight you. So kill Nandos quickly to avoid getting involved in a long fight.

Finally, the end boss Archmage Arugal awaits you. The Archmage once belonged to the Kirin Gate. Meanwhile he is seen as a scammer and is eaten away by his feelings of guilt. Back in the third war in the hopeless battle against the undead hostage armies, Arugal summoned creatures from a strange dimension. He has acted against the will of his colleagues and so he brought the voracious Worgen to Azeroth. In the beginning, the werewolves brought a massacre upon the undead, but after a short time they also turned against the magicians. The Worgen are humanoid wolf men, who can also have magical abilities. The terrible fate of the Worgen can only be transmitted by a bite from them and so they reproduce quickly. The fight against Arugal isn't very easy, though, because he teleports himself back and forth in his room all the time. Melee fighters won't have it easy against him. But the fight against him is worth it, he has some special items ready for you. With our Boost the complete dungeon will be done for you and the whole quest will be completed.


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