Sunken Temple

The Sunken Temple - The Temple of Atal'Hakkar is for players at level 45 and above. Players at level 55-60 should find it a little easier.

The Sunken Temple, like the other instances, is designed for 5 players. You will find the entrance to the instance on a small island east of the Swamp of Sorrows.

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The Swamp of Sorrows lie between the Redridge Mountains in the north and the Blasted lands in the south. Inside there is the Sunken Temple and this instance is designed for 5 players. The minimum level for this dungeon is 45, but a level range of 55-60 is recommended.

Several thousand years ago the Gurubashi were a huge people who could live peacefully and they built the largest empire without the help of the gods. All was well until the burning Legion invaded the land and littered it with ruin and chaos. This split the empire and the jungle trolls were in despair. They sought help from the god Hakkar and he also helped them. The blood god became more and more greedy and wanted to be able to drink the blood himself from his victims. However, most of his priests Hakkari were horrified and did not want to help him. Only the Atal'ai were willing to help him and fulfill his wishes. Therefore a bloody civil war broke out and the Gurubashi empire disintegrated completely and until today the trolls are divided.

Hakkar the Soulflayer is a very powerful creature of whom no one knows where it comes from. Not even in the records of the Titans there are entries about Hakkar. According to the troll Molthor, Hakkar is faceless and he could only be defeated because Zandalar has allied himself with foreign powers.

The bosses in the Sunken Temple are: Atal'alarion, Atal'ai Defender, Jammal'an the Prophet and Ogom the Wretched, Wirker & Dreamscythe and Hazzas & Morphaz, Shade of Eranikus, Avatar of Hakkar.

The boss Atal'alarion is a boss in the sunken temple and he is a monstrous troll. This ancient presence is the guardian of the idol.

To lure Jammal'an out of the Prophet, you must first defeat the Atal'ai defenders. When you've done that, the Prophet will show you, but he still has his bodyguard Ogom the Wretched with him. Jammal'an is the leader of the radical priest sect Atal'ai.

The bosses Wirker, Dreamscythe, Hazzas and Morphaz are promising green dragons. They are accompanied by Eranikus and they will attack anyone who disturbs their waking dream. To get to the Shade of Eranikus you have to pass them first. Eranikus is a green dragon who was once the guardian of the cursed temple of Atal'Hakkar. However, he is in a critical state because he has become a shade. He is torn between the physical world and the emerald green dreams. The dragons had destroyed Hakkar and had Eranikus guard the temple. But the god was much stronger than they had expected and so Eranikus became a shade and was infested by the Emerald Dream.

The Avatar of Hakkar is a boss in the sunken temple. He is the Undead Avatar against whom you must fight. Hakkar the Soulflayer is the Blood God and will give you a hard fight. He once ruled the ancient world with unlimited power.


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