The Deadmines


The Deadmines (18-23) is the 5-player instance in WoW Classic for the Alliance. 

The instance entrance is located in the Eastern Kingdoms southwest of Moonbrook.

With the [EU] WoW Classic - The Deadmines Boostrun we help you against all 8 bosses.

The Deadmines offer you the opportunity to complete your quests.

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The Deadmines is a five player instance located in Westfall in the Eastern Kingdoms. The dungeon is in the level range 18-23 and the minimum level to enter is 10. The deadmines in Westfall are a huge tunnel network under the province.

The instance is only for the Alliance and the way to the dungeon is pretty easy. If you start your journey you are probably in the Eastern Kingdoms but if you start as a nightelf you are in Kalimdor and the way from there is a bit further. Finding the entrance again isn't that easy, with our Boost you'll get it done with the deadmines.

The Deadmines are a wide network of tunnels. Once they were the big treasure chamber of Stormwind and they held a third of all the treasures. In the first war in Azeroth, the Alliance had to abandon the mines, and the chaos of war made people think that the mines were spitting. The Defias Brotherhood used the abandoned mines as a base for its operations. The former workers are now bandits and thieves hiding there. The Defias Brotherhood, led by Edwin van Cleef, has been driven out of Stormwind and is now planning to banish their attacks on the Allinaz in the deadmines. There are rumors that the Brotherhood hired Goblins to construct terrible things.

In the mines there are some very valuable Loot. Even one of the most legendary armor sets will be waiting for you. The Defias-Set is mainly intended for rogues, because it is perfect for your class. In the deadmines you can find the complete set. However, you won't find all set parts at the bosses, but also at chord miners, maids and foremen you can get something with luck.

The bosses in the deadmines are: Rhahk'Zor, Miner Johnson, Sneed, Gilnid, Mr. Smite, Cookie, Captain Greenskin and Edwin van Cleef.

Rhahk'Zor was an elite ogre and he was the foreman of Edwin van Cleef's building project.

After you have defeated Rhahk'Zor you have to look into the left passage and see if the Miner Johnson works there. He is a rare boss who is well worth killing.

Sneed the lumberjack master is the third boss in the deadmines. He is in possession of the rebuilt harvesting machine Sneed's shredder. The shredder is a converted harvest golem of the Defias. Normally it was intended as a support for the farmers to make harvesting easier. They guard the passage leading to the smithy together with some woodcutters goblins.

Next you come to Gilnid who works in the smithy of the deadmines. Gilnid the Goblin had joined the Defias Brotherhood and worked with the Great Melting Angel.

The fifth boss is Mr. Smite and he belongs to the Tauren. In the fight against him you should pull him away from his box. He will decide after a while that the moment has come for a bigger weapon. He will stun you and your troop for 10 seconds and get his bigger and stronger weapon in time.

To get to Edwin van Cleef you have to defeat Captain Greenskin. But since you've already come this far, he shouldn't be a problem for you. Finally you can finish Cookie the cook, but he shouldn't be a problem.

The final boss in this dungeon and the leader of the Defias Brotherhood is Edwin van Cleef. In his young years he is a fighter of incomparable kind and that hasn't changed a bit over the years. Van Cleef had founded the Defias Brotherhood after he and others were banned from Stormwind.

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