The Stockade

The Stockade (22-30) is a 5 player instance in the heart of Stormwind.

In the dungeon there are five bosses plus a rare mob.

The [EU] WoW Classic - The Stockade Service offers you an uncomplicated and safe run.

Available quests in the dungeon are for Alliance only. 

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The village of Sturmwind lies in the Eastern Kingdoms and the instance of the dungeon lies in the forest of Elwynn. The level range of this dungeon is 22-30. The minimum level is 15 where you can enter the instance.

The instance is probably the easiest to reach as an Alliance player because it is in the middle of stormwind. The Alliance capital is one of the last bastions of the humans and is ruled by the returned King Varian Wrynn. Stormwind was rebuilt after the Second War and has been considered a miracle of the humans ever since. The dungeon is located in the middle of the Cathedral Square, the Trade District, the Magic Quarter and the Park. However, it is a small instance and has no good loot. The only thing you can get are three blue items. But you will only be able to get them from a rare enemy.

The Stockadeis a political high security prison for humans and it lies below Stormwind. The warden Thelwater just managed to get to safety during the inmates' revolt. The prisoners had overwhelmed the guards and the dungeon became a witch's cauldron. The Warden is now hoping for brave adventurers to defeat the rebellion. The master criminal Bazil Thredd has led the revolt. This sneaky villain belongs to the Defias Brotherhood. Thredd was the helper of Edwin van Cleef, leader of the Defias Brotherhood.

Edwin van Cleef was a great and courageous warrior, whom the many years have not changed a bit. He is still the old idealist and romantic as before, but now he doesn't care if he gets hurt. Edwin was a master of engineering and had led the reconstruction of Stormwind at the time. Back then, after the war against the Orcs, Stormwind had been completely destroyed. The centre of faith and the Holy Light is the Cathedral in Sturmwind and Edwin van Cleef built it as an architect. The reconstruction of the city seemed an impossible task, but van Cleef mastered it in record time. He formed the Defias Brotherhood for the reason that the ruling houses had failed. Those who joined him were betrayed and banished from Stormwind.

In Battle for Azeroth the leader of the Defias Brotherhood is Vanessa van Cleef. She is the daughter of Edwin van Cleef and after his death has begun the succession. She had to witness the murder of hers and since then she plans the revenge of the Brotherhood on Stormwind in the deathmines.

In the instance 6 bosses are waiting for you: Bruegal Ironknuckle, Targorr the Dread, Kam Deepfury, Hamhock, Dextren Ward, Bazil Thredd. However, only one of the bosses has good Loot and that is Bruegal Ironknuckle. He's the only one you can get Blue Items from. But Bruegal is a rare boss and you won't see him at all. You have the chance that he drops you a blue item. He can drop a fist weapon, a dagger or chain gloves.

Bazil Thredd is a Defias Brotherhood rogue and is currently held captive in the Stormwind Stockade. He belongs to the bosses of the dungeon and is the final boss there. Once Thredd was the helper of Edwin van Cleef but now he is no more than a prisoner. The first years of his time in prison were lonely and without visitors for him. Many thought the brotherhood has dropped him, and that they have no more use for him. Recently, however, that changed and it came visit for him. A strange man always came to see him regularly, sometimes twice a week.


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