The Uldaman (35-45) instance lies in the Badlands (Eastern Kingdoms Zones). It contains 7 bosses and one more for the Horde. 

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Uldaman is located in the Badlands that belongs to the Eastern Kingdoms. The minimum level for this instance is level 30, but the recommended level range is between 35-45. It is an instance designed for 5 players, but if you have an appropriate level, you can play a conscience part alone. Uldaman is located in the north of the badland and it is near the entrance to Hole Modan. But there is also a back entrance for Uldaman and it is located at the eastern excavation site in a tunnel near the dust basin.

Uldaman is an ancient hidden dungeon from the time of the Titans. The dwarves found the forgotten city during their excavations and discovered something unbelievable. The dwarves have encountered an ancient civilization. They found their ancestors, an ancient people called Troggs. The Titans wanted to create a new race to protect the world, but something went wrong and they created the ghastly Troggs. They quickly recognized the failure and banished the Troggs to Uldaman, and then the Titans continued to create life. This time they created the uranium of today's dwarves. The secret of the creation of the dwarves is written on the ancient discs of Norgannon. They are titanic artifacts found in the Blessed Sacrament of Uldaman. The Dark Iron clan of dwarves wants to steal the sacred artifacts for their master Ragnaros. However, the discs of Norgannon are guarded by ancient stone guards who will crush anything and everything that comes too close to them.

In Uldaman you can also find the enchanting master Annora. If you are an enchanter, you must go there. Only with her can you raise your enchantment level to 300. You can do it at the end of a tunnel, south of the Temple Hall. If you want to make high-end enchantments, you will need at least 250 Enchantments.

The instance Uldaman offers eight different bosses and a lot of loot. Archaedas is an ancient stone keeper and boss in Uldaman. In the deep Uldaman there is a chamber with great treasures. Norgannon himself has created this treasure chamber but nobody has managed to open it yet. When someone approaches, the Guardian of Archaeda is activated. And he will destroy everyone with his army who dares to come in. Archaedas belongs to the ancient ones and was created from the strongest stone there is.

The lost dwarves are also a boss in Uldaman. The trio consists of the brothers Olaf, Eric the Nimble and Baelog. The brothers were on a mission to penetrate the halls and eliminate everything to clear the way for a research team. The dwarves went headlong into the adventure and paid the price for getting lost. They are still fighting in the dungeons today to keep the secrets.

Galgann Firerhammer is a senator of the Dark Iron Dwarves and was sent to supervise the excavations. He is a boss in Uldaman and is a respected dwarf.

Another boss is Grimlok the chief of the stone crypt groggs. He is the chieftain of the stone crypt grogs by his ingenuity.

Ironaya is a boss and stone guard in Uldaman. She was created by the Titans to help build Uldaman and she should keep it instant.

The Obsidian Guardian is a boss in Uldaman and belongs to the Stone Golems. Originally made of the same stone as the Halls, the Guardian has been corrupted, and much of his body is now made of dark glass. He, was created by the Titans and it must have been a very powerful being who changed a Titanic construction.

The Boss Revelosh is a Trogg in Uldaman and embodies his people in every measure.

The Ancient Stonekeeper is a stone golem and boss in Uldaman. He is the last of his kind and is responsible for protecting the secrets of the Titans.


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