Wailing Caverns

Wailing Caverns (15-25) is the second 5-player instance in WoW Classic that you can enter. It is a bit heavier than the Ragefire Chasm in Orgrimmar and is located in the west of the Northern Barrens.

With the [EU] WoW Classic - Wailing Caverns Boostrun, you can secure a total of eight bosses.

The Wailing Caves offer you the opportunity to complete your quests.

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The Wailing Caverns is a 5 player instance located in the Northern Barrens. This dungeon is for players with a minimum level of 10, but the recommended dungeon level is 15-25. This instance is accessible to both factions and both have quests there. Only the Horde has 2 extra quests available here.

The caves are a dangerous cave system under the wasteland and it is the source of the pollution of the land. Through innumerable oases in the wasteland it is passed on to the animals and thus it brings chaos to the land.

It is easier for the hordes to get into the wailing caverns. They just have to walk or fly to Crossroads. If you're there, you'll have to head south and head a bit westwards. Once you've found the oasis, the entry is at the northern tip. But for the Alliance it's a little trip around the world, because you have to go to a completely different island.

Naralex discovered the caves and the night elf druid found the caves under the wasteland. They didn't have anything bad or degenerating at the time of his discovery, only the cracks in the ground where hot steam was bumping up again and again. He chose the name wailing because beside the steam from the inside of the cracks there was an agonizing howl. Naralex firmly believed that he could make the wasteland green and fertile again. In order to carry out his plan, he only had to tap into the powers of the emerald green dream. He put himself in the dream and then it came how it had to come. The dream became a nightmare and he was now captured in his own Emerald Nightmare. The caves began to change and the one dear creatures became bloodthirsty monsters. The spring water for the land rotted and poisoned all those who drank from it. Naralex is said to still be in the caves and trapped, even his tribe suffers from his failure and they have been cruelly transformed into the Druids of Poison Fangs.

In this instance there are a total of 8 bosses + 1 rare boss. The bosses in this dungeon are: Lady Anacondra, Lord Cobrahn, Kresh, Lord Pythas, Skum, Deviate Faerie Dragon, Lord Serpentis, Verdan the Everliving, Mutanus the Devourer.

Lady Anacondra is the first boss in the caves and she is a night elf druid. She was the first to volunteer for Naralex Mission. She was then called Scarlet Leaf and after her master failed she was corrupted.

Lord Cobrahn is the second boss in the Caves of Wailing and he is a Poison Teeth Lord of the Druids of Poison Teeth. Before Naralex's failure, his name was Jarlaxlas and he was respected for his ability to handle the various animal forms. Corruption corrupted and corrupted him, and he lost his abilities. In the meantime he has perfected the snake shape and renamed himself Cobrahn.

The great turtle Kresh is the third boss in the caves of lamentation. He is an ancient turtle who is not infested by nightmares because of his resistant mind. He is a peaceful inhabitant of the caves and is always friendly, don't let it fool you, he has already struck down many adventurers. He's peaceful and won't attack anyone, but you shouldn't leave Kresh alone. If you defeat him, he'll have great booty for you.

The fourth boss is Lord Pythas and he is also a night elf druid from the Druids of fang. Despite his training as a druid, he was unable to cope with corruption and had to surrender to it.

Skum is a mighty Thunder Lizard and the fifth boss of the wailing caverns. He is held captive by corruption in the cave. Dark energies pulsate through his veins, making him a beast. He had simply visited the cave to escape the dangers of the wasteland.

The next boss is the leader of the Druids of fang. Lord Serpentis was once one of the most promising disciples of Naralex. Everything fell apart for him only because he also wanted to become a venerable teacher like Naralex.

The seventh boss is Verdan the Eternal and he is a huge and corrupt tree. He is said to have been the guardian of this cave once and when the corruption came he could not escape it. Meanwhile he is allied with the druids and defends his territory.

Mutanus the Devourer is the final boss in this instance. He springs directly from the nightmare of Naralex. He is a murloc and they are the worst enemies of druids. The devourer will devour anyone who tries to snatch Naralex from his dreams. He is a huge mutant waiting for his prey.


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