Melk Trupp Boosting offers you many categories for your equipment. You can choose between bundles, full equipment and weapon abilities. Each product offers you benefits that will help you in PvP, PvE or Raids.

The Bundles category contains three different items, the Bronze, Silver and Golden Starter Packages. Of course, the better the package, the better what you get from us. The Bronze Package includes a level 60 character with a level 40 mount and three dungeon attunements : Zul´farrak, Sunken Temple and Blackrock. You can also choose a profession that will be upgraded to level 300. With this package, you can start WoW Classic very well and already have a good gaming experience.

Gear Categories

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WOW Classic
The next package is the Classic Start Package Silver, which will give you a boost over other players in WoW Classic and won't take you the whole start and weeks of high farming.

In our Start Package Silver you will get a character of your choice at level 60 and learn how to ride and you get a level 60 mount. As with the Bronze Package you will also get the unlocking of the dungeons Zul´farrak, Sunken Temple and Blackrock. With this package you will also get the unlock for Onyxia's Lair, which means you can enter and challenge the raid. Included is the Drakefire Amulet to enter the raid. We're also unlocking the fast raid entrance at Lothos Riftwaker. In the package you'll also get professions but this time you'll get a crafting profession and a gathering profession at level 300.

The best Starter Package we offer is the Gold Package. In the package you get a character of your choice at level 60 with a mount also at level 60. A complete T1 Epic Gear that makes your character stand out from other players. In the package you will find the unlocking of the Dungeons Zul´farrak, Sunken Temple and Blackrock. Onyxia's Lair and the Molten Core will also be unlocked for you, and to enter the Onyxias Lair raid you'll need Drakefire Amulet, which you can also get from us. You'll also get two level 300 professions, a crafting profession and a gathering profession.

Next, we'll offer you full equipment, including the Vanilla Dungeon Gear. The equipment you will receive will take your level 60 character to a whole new level. The first raids in WoW Classic are very difficult and can only be mastered by many well-rehearsed players. Not only a team effort is required, but also good items and equipment sets. Our Vanilla Dungeon Gear saves you the hassle of farming important items. Our professional players will get your character moving and ready so you can go raiding without any problems. In WoW Classic there are also weapon skills again and these are even more important than usual. You can now level your weapons as well and you should do so now. Because the higher your weapon skills is, the more damage you and your character will do.

You can level your weapon into one of 16 skill levels and level 1-300. Choose your weapon and our pros will do the leveling for you. You may also get a new weapon, but you may not be able to use it immediately. You probably don't have the required weapon level and with our product we will help you to achieve it.

We at Melk Trupp Boosting want to help you with our offers and professional players.