WoW Classic Start Package (Bronze)

The [EU] WoW Classic - Start Package (Bronze) will give you the perfect start in WoW Classic.

We take care of a fast level phase like a profession. Furthermore we will take care of your first mount. 

Of course you also have to unlock the instances: Zul'farrak, Sunken Temple and The Blackrock are included in the Bronze Package.

This service is hand played

Product details

  • A Level 60 Char with the class of your choice 
  • Mount riding is learned
  • Level 40 Mount
  • Activation of Zul'Farrak, Sunken Temple and The Blackrock

Level 300 professions:

  • 1x farm profession (Herbalism, Mining or Skinning)
  • Fishing
WoW Classic delights countless players who simply want to experience the WoW of the past. Blizzard has mobilized many old and new players to take an interest in Classic and play. The beginning is always difficult, almost like in any game. It's different in Classic, though, because unlike normal WoW, you level very slowly. With WoW BfA you can reach the highest level within one or two days, but in Classic you need much longer to make it. But this is only possible if you make the most of your time and don't fiddle around. In WoW Battle for Azeroth, the maximum level you can reach is 120, but that wasn't always the same as in Classic, at the beginning of WoW, the maximum level was 60. With each expansion, the maximum level went higher and higher, so players could get more and more levels. Our Starter Boost comes with a character level 60 and you can choose what class it should have. A professional booster from us will take on the task on his own and take your character through the world. With a character level 60 you are ready to finally enter the dungeons and can start raiding to get the most important equipment and sets.

In WoW Classic you'll be walking for the first few days and maybe weeks. This can be frustrating in the long run, but of course you can take a mount again. However, you won't be able to swing onto a mount until level 40. To be able to ride at all you have to buy a riding license from a dealer or riding instructor. At level 60 you will unlock the epic mounts, but unlike the normal mounts which cost only 80 gold, they cost 1000. You can also lower the price of the mounts by increasing your reputation level for each faction, but it's all very expensive and you probably don't have any gold to buy mounts at the beginning. That's why our package includes everything you need, so you'll get a level 40 mount and you'll learn how to ride.

The Bronze Starter Pack also includes three instances. One of them is Zul'Farrak and it is designed for 5 players level 44-54. The Troll Capital of the sandfury lies under the burning Tanaris Sun and is feared for its cruelty and ruthlessness. In the instance, eight bosses and Chief Ukorz Sandskalp await you as the final boss. Ukorz is a sand troll and obsessed with restoring his tribe to its former glory as he grew up with the Glorious Stories. According to ancient tales, Zul'Farrak is home to a powerful demigod who will destroy anyone who can awaken him.

Another instance that will be unlocked is the sunken temple. The temple lies in the swamps of Sorrows and is a 5 player instance and designed for levels 50-60. Eight different bosses await you and the Avatar of Hakkar as your final boss. Shade of Eranikus is the guardian of the cursed Temple of Atal'Hakkar and he is a green dragon who suffers from emerald dreams and is torn between worlds.

The last dungeon we unlock for you is one of the largest mountains in the Eastern Kingdom. This mountain can be reached from two regions, one from the burning steppes and the other from the Searing Gorge. The last instance is the Blackrock. The huge volcano was formed at the end of the war of the three hammers. The two leaders of Blackrock are Ragnaros, Nefarian.

Finally in this package we come to the professions. You get a collective profession from us and the profession fishing. You can choose between three different professions: Herbalism, mining and skinning. Choose your profession and we'll play it for you at level 300. If you're wondering, why should I fish? Then remember that you can not only pull fish out of the water, but many other treasures as well.


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