WoW Classic Start Package (Gold)

The [EU] WoW Classic - Start Package (Gold) will give you the perfect start in WoW Classic.

A fast level phase is included in the package as are two production professions and two collective professions at level 300.

We learn how to ride a level 60 mount as well as the quick release of the instances: Zul'farrak, Sunken Temple and The Blackrock.

The Gold Package is rounded off with the epic T1 Epic Raid Gear and makes your account something special!

This service is hand played

Product details

  • A Level 60 Char with the class of your choice 
  • Full T1 Epic Raid Gear
  • Mount riding is learned
  • Level 60 Mount
  • Activation of Zul'Farrak, Sunken Temple and The Blackrock
  • Activation of Onyxia's Lair
  • Activation of Molten Core
  • Drakefire Amulet
  • Fast Raid entrance through Lothos Riftwaker

Fishing and 2 professions at level 300:

  • Production profession (Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Cooking, Engineering or Leatherworking)
  • Farm professions (Herbology, Mining or Skinning)
Our Gold Starter Bundle is the best initial boost you can have. In Classic there aren't as many characters as in BfA, but still the most important ones are included. Pick your character class and enjoy our Starter Boost and let our pros play you at level 60, all by hand of course. The highest level 60 is the same as in the Vanilla game, but in BfA you can go up to level 120. That's because with every expansion the levels have gone up as well.

With our gold bundle you get the T1 equipment and this will give you an advantage in all situations. The Tier 1 set consists of eight parts and is found in the molten core. It is a raid for 40 players at level 60 and will be unlocked in our bundle. Something else included in the Gold Bundle is that you will learn the ability to ride and you will get a level 60 mount. Which mount you get depends on your character class. If you choose the Night Elves class, you will receive the Nightsaber mount.

The three most important instances are also represented in the bundle. The first instance that will be unlocked is Zul'Farrak or the Troll Capital of the Sandfury. The capital Tanaris is feared throughout the country for its cruelty. The instance was designed for 5 players of levels 44-54. The instance has eight bosses ready for you and among them the chief Ukorz Sandskalb. He is a troll berserk with bright red hair and has outstanding fighting abilities. His ethos is mainly hostile and he belongs to the Sandfury tribe.

The second instance that will be unlocked for you is the Sunken Temple. This dungeon is designed for levels 50-60 and is intended for 5 players. The Avatar of Hakkar is the final boss and guardian of the old temple is the Shade of Eranikus. A total of eight bosses await you in the instance. The sunken temple holds some secrets for you, probably even a few more than you think. In the temple there is a round altar room and next to each altar there is a statue. If you stand in the middle of the statue circle and look down, you will see the true secret of the temple. Down there is the altar of Hakkar and Hakkar the Soulflayer is one of the most powerful creatures in the history of Azeroth.

The next instance takes us to the Eastern Kingdom on one of the highest mountains in the world. Blackrock has a dark history behind it, because it was created during the War of the Three Hammers. Our WoW Classic Boost unlocks Blackrock, including the Lower Blackrock Spire instance and the Upper Blackrock Spire instance. Both are 5 player instances and designed for level 60.

Our Gold Bundle also unlocks the raids, but only the melted core and Onyxia's Lair. To enter the Raid Onyxias Lair you need the Drakefire Amulet and you can get it from us right away. At Onyxia's Lair only Onyxia awaits you as boss. But to get inside at all you have to have the drakefire amulet in your inventory and only then you can enter. The molten core has some bosses ready for you and Ragnaros as final boss. Both raids are designed for level 60 players and the best raid to play is with 40 people. You can even get Lothos Riftwalker from us which you can jump over the Blackrock Depths and get to the molten core immediately.

In our WoW Vanilla Boost you get 2 more professions at level 300. Choose a production profession and a collective profession. Our Boost will create the perfect conditions to bring you into the right WoW gaming experience.


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