Vanilla Dungeon Gear

With the Vanilla Dungeon Gear Service you can push your level 60 char to a whole new level.

We will use your char to play the WoW Classic instances until we have your char fully equipped.

Save yourself the search for a suitable group and instance for your Dungeon Gear.

We do all the work with our professional players from Melk Trupp.

With the [EU] WoW Classic - Vanilla Dungeon Gear Service you are optimally prepared for the first raid.

Product details

  • A Full Vanilla Dungeon Gear Equipment for Your Char
World of Warcraft has set a milestone with its versatility and more than 10 years later WoW Classic came out. The gaming community longed for the old game and wanted to relive that feeling. With Classic, Blizzard has created something that has divided players. One side is looking forward to the Vanilla WoW and the other side just finds it a cheap new edition.

When you're about to level your character, you'll get items through quests, instances and so on. You probably think you won't need the items, but when you're at level 60 you're ready to go. Leveling is one thing, but with a character at level 60, the game really starts now and shows you another side. You'll have to gather your gear and you'll want the right item sets. You'll have to gather your gear and prepare for the first raids and dungeons. With our boost you can save a lot of time, because you don't need to find a guild or instance. We'll take care of everything for you and you don't have to bother searching your equipment together.

With our Boost you'll get a complete Vanilla Dungeon Gear set and you'll be able to start the first raids. The Vanilla Dungeon Gear contains a good pre-raid gear that you can use for raids. It contains the best green and blue items from the first dungeons. With our WoW Classic Boost you can decide if you want to have a BiS Gear Set within.

What is a BiS Gear?
BiS stands for Best in Slot and that means its the best item for this slot. These armors or weapons have the optimal values or give you a bonus for your class or a special buff. If you have a full BiS Gear you are well equipped for PvE and can start raiding. Each class in WoW Classic is different and all have their own special characteristics. Each class has its own items and armor, and of course each class has its own BiS items. It's best to start looking after your BiS items as early as possible, because in the first raid instances like the sunken temple or the Blackrock Depths there are already some items that you can equip for your BiS set.

Our Vanilla Dungeon Gear Boost will help you right from the start and you won't have any trouble at all. One of our pros will farm the gear set with your character. He will go through the different instances and get your Loot there.


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