An elementary part of WoW Classic are the quests and there are countless of them. But many quests are just for running from A to B. However, these are only the initial quests and serve only for pure occupation. The most exciting one comes with the first raids and we make it easy for you to unlock the different raids so that you can start raiding immediately.We at Melk Trupp are very interested in unlocking everything for you and helping you with the raids.

One of them is to unlock the Molten Core. The Molten Core is the first raid ever and offers a true PvE experience. The raid is designed for 40 level 60 players, and even if you're a well-rehearsed guild, it doesn't mean you'll make it. The fight against Ragnaros will be one of your hardest. As a loot, Tier 1 Set Items await you and these will help you to move forward properly and to be able to fight the next raids even better.

WOW Classic
The next raid you need to unlock is the Blackwing Lair and this dungeon is located in Blackrock between Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes. As well as the Molten Core, the Bad Lair is also a 40 player raid of level 60. The Dragonflight finds its home here in the Blackwing Lair and a total of 8 bosses are waiting for you. With our Boost you can immediately enter the raid and convince yourself of the difficulty. As the final boss, Nefarian will be waiting for you if you make it to him at all. As Loot you can expect Tier 2 sets from the bosses, so you have to watch out and hope for these good items.

The Upper Blackrock Spire should not be missing from your character, as it has a very special Loot in store for you. This raid is made up of 5 players and is available at different difficulty levels. The Blackrock Spire is located in the upper region of the Blackrock and the Blackrock Spire is located in the eastern kingdom. In Upper Blackrock Spire, 5 heroic bosses await you, ore formers Gor'ashan, Kyrak, Commander Tharbek, Wrathwing the Untamed, and Warlord Zaela.

The next raid you need is the Onyxia´s hoard, but just like the others you have to unlock it first. You unlock this dungeon with a quest and we offer this unlocking to you. You'll find the entrance in the Dustwallow Marsh and that's in the town of Kalimdor. But the good thing about this raid is that there's only one boss, Onyxia itself. The raid is designed for 10 or 25 players at level 60. When you get our unlock boost, you'll also automatically get the Dragon Fire Amulet, so you can enter at all.

The Shaman Totem Quest is for shamans only and requires you to play a shaman. You can only play a shaman if you choose the Horde. You can then choose between three races, but 2 of them are not usable, only the trolls. The trolls offer you Berserk, Regeneration, Wild Animal Butchers, Throwing Weapons and Bows. We offer you the unlocking of the earth, fire, water and air totems. The most important thing for a shaman are his totems and he should always maintain them, because he is the most important supporter in the team. The melee fighters are happy about the Wind Anger Totem and healers are happy if you maintain the Mana Regeneration Totem, because this way they can consume more mana and heal others.