Molten Core Raid Attunement

The service "[EU] WoW Classic - Molten Core Raid Attunement" is required for the first raid from WoW Classic.

The Molten Core Raid will be entered with 40 level 60 player characters. Enter the core of the fire elementaries. They lie deep below Blackrock and the bosses drop the rare Tier 1 set pieces for us.

At the end of the raid, the epic end boss battle against the mighty Ragnaros.

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  • Molten Core Unlock
The Molten Core is one of the first raids ever in WoW. It is a raid for 40 level 60 players and is considered one of the heaviest raids ever. It is located at the deepest point in the Blackrock, between the Searing Gorge and the Burning Steppes.

Ragnaros the Firelord rules the molten core and the Dark Iron Dwarves. Back in the War of the Three Hammers when the Dwarves were at war and the Dark Iron Dwarves were at the Abyss, their leader summoned Ragnaros in an act of desperation. Emperor Dagran Thaurissan, who at that moment was still leading the Dark Iron Dwarves, was destroyed by Ragnaros and the Fire Lord seized power. Ragnaros must stay in the core for now, but his officers and armies in Azeroth are still up to no good.

With our Boost you can easily get into the Molten Core and the following bosses are waiting for you there.

The flamewalker Lucifron is the first boss in the molten core and he is one of the captains of Ragnaros. The mighty Core Hound Magmadar is the second boss in the Molten Core. The third boss in the molten core is called Gehennas and is one of the captains of Ragnaros. The next boss is Garr and he is the most powerful lava elemental in Azeroth. He is the fourth boss and one of the highest officers of Ragnaros. The second highest officer among Ragnaros is Baron Geddon and he is considered insidious and vengeful. The sixth boss is Shazzrah and he is a flamewalker. Golemagg the Incinerator is the next boss on the list and he belongs to the Molten Giants. In addition, he is accompanied by two powerful core hounds. The eighth boss is Sulfuron Harbringer and he also belongs to the flame transformers and serves as a captain. The penultimate boss is the most important, because only he can summon the Firelord. Majordomus Executus is the court master of Ragnaros and he belongs to the flamewalkers in the Molten Core. The final boss in the Molten Core is the Fierlord himself and he will knock you down with all his might.

With our product, we will clear the path to the Core for you, and you will never have to go the eternal path to the Core itself. You will have to talk to Lothos Rifwalker and he will give you a quest. To complete this quest, you will have to battle your way through the Blackrock Depths. Once you've done this and completed the quest, you can simply teleport through it. The quest you would need to do is "Attunement to the Core" and it will appear at level 55.


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