Onyxia's Lair Attunement

The Onyxia's Lair Access required for the Onyxia Raid. It is the first raid where you will meet a dragon boss. 

Onyxia lies in the middle of the Wyrmbog, an abandoned area of Dustwallow Marsh.

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Onyxia's Lair lies in the middle of the dragon swamp that lies in the Dustwallow Marsh. The raid is designed for 40 level 60 players. It is one of the first in WoW. The Lair where the breeding mother of the black dragonflight lives is well guarded by her followers.

She is the daughter of Deathwing, the former protector of the world. At that time Deathwing was still called Neltharion and he was the glorious Earth Guardian. He became Earth Guardian by receiving a small part of his power from an ancient Titan who had forged the world. Deathwing became it, though he was so powerful and wise, yet he could not escape the dark madness. He betrayed the other aspects of the Dragon and thus succumbed to corruption.

She is the sister of Nefarian the Lord of Blackrock Spire. He is the leader of the Black Dragon Brood and commands his subjects from the top of Blackrock. He had also created the Chromatic Dragons with his blood.

To get into the raid at all you need a special amulet, the Drakefire Amulet. You must have the Dragonfire Amulet in your inventory to be able to enter at all. There are also different quests for the factions. The quest series for the Alliance is called Drachkin Threat and you can find them in the Burning Steppes. The Horde quest series starts with the Warlord Goretooth and is called Order of the Warlord.Goretooth you'll find in the Badlands of Kargath and you won't get the quest immediately, because you have to talk to him first to get a letter.

Onyxia is Deathwing's daughter and Nefarian's little sister. She lives in her shelter in the gloomy marshes and we are guarded by the remaining henchmen. She controls the black dragon brood and is the brood mother. Since her father disappeared, his children control the black dragonflight and spread it out. However, Onyxia has a completely different side, namely her human side. She can transform herself into a human being and thus forge her intrigues among the mortal people. Her human name is Lady Katrana Prestor and she acts as advisor to the king. She was advisor to King Varian Wrynn and child King Anduin Wrynn. Since Anduin's father disappeared, Onyxia has made him king and controlled him through her influence.

It was Onyxia who manipulated the rebuilding of Stormwind. She manipulated the stonemasons and the nobles so that the stonemasons made too high demands and the nobles made too low offers. The brotherhood of the Defias, led by Edwin van Cleef, was created as a result.

With ours the Raid Onyxias Lair will be unlocked for you so that you can take part in the raid.


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