Shaman's Totem Quest

The [EU] WoW Classic - Shaman's Totem Quest is needed for the Element Totems.

You get a selected totem: fire, earth, water or air.

The totems set up by a shaman can provide a variety of positive buffs for the team.

Product details

  • Activation of the selected totem
  • Earth Totem - Level 4 and above
  • Fire Totem - Level 10 and above
  • Water Totem - Level 10 and above
  • Air Totem - Level 30 and above
The Shaman Totem Quest is only meant for the shamans, because in WoW Classic the shaman plays differently than in BfA. In Classic you have to unlock all your totems yourself with a quest and don't get bombarded with dozens of totems. During our Boost we will do the different quests for the totems and unlock the most important totems.

Shamans are a special race, they are dedicated to spiritual art and leadership. They are the mediators of fire, water, air and earth. They command the elements and make them support their allies with their totems. They are the leaders of their tribes and clans and they bring balance between the elements. Shamans used only good magic and never dark energy.

A shaman is only as powerful as the elements make him. They have strict rules and if they don't keep them they will be destroyed by the Elementals. As a shaman you must never strive for power, only if he does this he will summon the wrath of the elements. Any shaman who is not under the protection of the elements is a nobody.

For shamans there are different quest lines that they can complete to get a totem. The first series of quests you will get is from level 4. This quest is for the Earth Totem and it is called "Call of Earth". There are a total of 3 classes that can play shamans. First the Orcs, Trolls and Tauren, but the quests are different for the Tauren than for the Orcs and Trolls.

The next totem you can unlock is the Fire Totem. For this totem you will get the quest from level 10. The quest row you will get is called "Call of Fire". To start this quest you can talk to any shaman trainer. The Fire Totem is an offensive and has the totems: Searing Totem, Fire Nova Totem, Frost Resistance Totem.

After fire totem at level 10, the next totem awaits you at level 20. The quest for the Water Totem is one of the most tedious and annoying in WoW. You'll have to literally cross the map. For beginners in WoW this can be very frustrating. The quest for the water totem is called "Call of Water".

For the Air Totem you don't need to be afraid that you will have to make such a violent march as with the Water Totem. The quest "Call of Air" consists of only one quest. The most important totems you get by calling the air are Wind Anger Totem and Wind Wall Totem.


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