Upper Blackrock Spire Attunement

The [EU] WoW Classic - Upper Blackrock Spire Attunement must not be missing on your char.

We will do all the necessary tasks and quests to get your char into The Upper Blackrock Spire e as soon as possible.

Enter The Upper Blackrock Spire through our service and fight against the bosses in the epic battles in the Upper Blackrock Spire.

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  • The Upper Blackrock Spire Attunemen
The Upper Blackrock Spire belongs to the upper part of the Blackrock and is an instance. The Blackrock is one of the highest mountains in Azeroth and it is known far beyond the peoples and countries. It can be reached by two routes, the Burning Steppe and the Searing Gorge. The huge volcano originated at the end of the Three Hammer War. When Ragnaros was released by the Dark Iron clan he destroyed everything he could and since then he rules.

Once the Blackrock Spire was the center of orcish power. However in the second war and after the betrayal of Gul'dan the luck of the orcs turned against them. The Horde's disagreements helped the Alliance to regroup and strike with new strength. So the Alliance pushed the Horde further and further back, bit by bit. The hero of the Alliance in the second war was Anduin Lothar. He noticed that the Horde was vulnerable and took advantage of it, leading the Alliance from one victory to another with courage and deliberation. The Horde entrenched itself in the Blackrock, and before the battle began properly, Lothar met Doomhammer. In this fierce duel, however, he lost and even today his statue stands in the Burning Steppes, pointing to the Blackrock.

To enter the Upper Blackrock Spire you first have to go through the Lower Blackrock Spire. There you have to find the three gems and forge the seal of the ascent. The quest for it you get with the item "Unforged Seal of Ascension".

To complete the seal, you'll need the Gemstone of Spirestone of Highlord Omokk, the Gemstone of Smolderthron of War Master Voone and the Gemstone of the Bloodaxes of Overlord Wrymthalak. Once you've done that, you'll have to go into Dustwallow Marsh and far past the Lair of Onyxia to reach the Emberstrife Lair. Emberstrife is an ancient Black Dragon who acts as a Gatekeeper for Nefarians.

To forge the seal, you must control Emberstrife and use his first attack, "Flames of the Black Flight". Put the seal on the ground and fight Emberstrife, so he has only 20% life left. To control it, you must use the Orb of Draconic Energy. You can get this orb from Vaelan in the lower Blackrock Spire. After you control him, you must aim him at the seal and then use his first attack.

The bosses who are waiting for you: Pyroguard Emberseer, Warchief Rend Blackhand, Gyth, The Beast, General Drakkisath. With our unlock boost you can easily face the bosses of the Upper Blackrock Spire. They'll be quite a contrast to you, and you should only go in with a strong troop.


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