Blackwing Lair

This raid is one of the first and it is also in WoW Classic. The Blackwing Lair is located on the top of the Blackrock and the Lair is the highest point of the citadel. The dungeon is designed for 40 level 60 players. A total of eight bosses await you in the dungeon and Nefarian as the finalboss. The leader of the Black Dragon Brood Deathwing is the father of Nefarian. The dragon Nefarian also has a human form and is called Lord Victor Nefarius. In an eternal battle against Ragnaros, Nefarian had to become inventive. He started to experiment with the different eggs of the dragon swarms. His goal is to create chromatic dragons and destroy Ragnaros once and for all with this miracle weapon. The mighty Blackrock Fortress was created by a dwarf, but a dwarf has not been seen in this place for a long time.With our BWL Boost, we take care of all bosses quickly and safely! Also we can take over the activation of the BWL Raids for you!