Molten Core

In WoW Classic there is again the old raid from back then. The Molten Core is a special raid and was one of the first. This raid is designed for 40 level 60 players and is located between the Searing Gorge and the Burning Steppes. At the core, the deepest point of Blackrock, a total of 10 bosses and Ragnaros await you as the Final boss. The raid bosses are: Lucifron, Magmadar, Gehennas, Garr, Shazzrah, Baron Geddon, Golemagg the Incinerator, Sulfuron Harbinger, Majordomo Executus and Ragnaros.

Ragnaros is the Fire Lord and he belongs to the Old Gods and is ruler over the elemental level of fire. He embodies anger and destruction and leads one of the armies of the Old Gods. The raid is one of the most difficult dungeons in World of Warcraft. Our Molten Core Boost includes all 10 Boss Kills. Once you've completed the prequest to unlock, you can use Lothos as a shortcut and you don't always have to cross the Blackrock Depths.