Onyxia´s Lair

The dragon lair lies in the middle of the wrymbog, which lies in the Dustwallow Marsh. Onyxia, the brood mother of the Black Dragonflight, is waiting for you in her cave. You can make the dungeon in a 10 or 25 player squad and it is designed for level 60. Onyxia is the only boss in this raid, but he'll be very strong. If she was defeated anyway, you'll get pretty good Loot, you'll be able to get T2 head. Onyxia is the sister of Nefarian and Deathwing is her father. Her Lair is guarded by her remaining followers of the Black Dragonflight. Whoever should enter her Lair will feel Onyxia's mighty wrath. It is said that Onyxia slips into different mortal races to play them off against each other and influence others. Some even think that she has adopted her father's alias. If she doesn't wander between mortals, she's in her fiery cave.