Onyxia's Lair

Onyxia´s Hort is the first raid where you meet a dragon boss. He is shot in WoW Classic with 40 level 60 player characters.

Onyxia's Lair is a small cave system located in the southern parts of Dustwallow Marsh. It is home to Onyxia and her guards, the remaining members of the insidious Black Dragonflight.

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Like in the Vanilla WoW, Onyxia comes back. This dragon belongs to one of the meanest and most treacherous. Even then she had many bad experiences with her and still has nightmares about her today. Onyxia has her own Lair in the wyrmbog swamp. In the Dustwallow Marsh, the Wyrmbog Swamp is a scary area that no one wants to enter. Onyxia lurks for you in her fiery cave. You should think twice about whether you really want it.

The raid is designed for 40 level 60 players, and even if you're a well-rehearsed guild, you'll have some problems with the bitchy dragon. To get into Onyxia's Lair you'll need to wear the Drakefire Amulet, but it will take a lot to get it. You will need to complete several quests or a series of quests to get the amulet. Depending on the faction, the quest series is different.

The brood mother is the sister of Nefarian and the daughter of Deathwing. She has been living in her Lair for some time, where she is protected by her followers. If she should be attacked inside her cave, they will get their anger and feel what the brood mother of the black dragonflight has on it.

Onyxia is the only boss in this raid, but her fight is divided into three phases. With our Classic Boost, you'll get the finishing touch to Onyxia's Lair. Against Onyxia you have to fight 3 phases. The first phase is the ground phase where Onyxia has 100% - 65% life. In the phase Onyxia has the following abilities: Flame breathing, splitting, wing buffet, tail sweep. Phase two against Onyxia takes place in the air and her life is 65% - 40%. In the phase their abilities change too: Fireball, Breath, Welpling of Onyxia, Guard of the Hoard. The third phase is back on the ground and is intended for the rest of her life. Again, their abilities change to the following: Flame Breathing, Splitting, Wing Buffet, Tail Sweep, Bellwing Roar, Outbreak, Puppies. In this raid as well as in each other, each class has its own task and only if it is done well, it will work.

The warrior is responsible for standing directly opposite Onyxia and refueling them. The hunters are there to stand back and attack with their weapons. A magician has two tasks that are discussed in advance and these are to inflict damage or take care of the dragonkins. As a priest you are mainly there to heal the main tank. If the dragon puppies are on their way, they will also take care of it. The druids are mainly used as healers and for their spells. As paladins you are responsible for healing the tank or the others from the raid. Shamans who are in the raid will mainly use their totems and work with the resistances. The Warlock will only work with the Imp in Phase 1, and in Phase 2 with Damage over Time, and in Phase 3 you'll do everything you can. Rogues only attack with ranged weapons in phase one and only in phase three will you do your complete damage.


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