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The Alterac Valley lies deep in the Alterac Mountains and is surrounded by mountains. The Alterac Valley battlefield is one of the largest in WoW Classic. As Alliance players you will join the dwarves of the Stormpike Clan and as Horde players you will join the Orcs of the Frostwolf Clan.

The conflict between the Alliance and Horde will be fought out even in the distant regions of Alterac. In the Alterac Valley, the Stormpikes battle the Frostwolves and wage a bitter turf war. The fate of the Orc Clan of Thrall the Frostwolves was sealed by Guldan. The clan was banished by the legion and sent into exile. Now they hide in the depths of the valley from Guldan's vengeance.
The Frostwolf Clan does not hide in Alterac Valley for nothing. Back when Durotan was the leader of the clan, only Orgrim Doomhammer was willing to talk to him. On the way back, there was an ambush on Durotan's family and everyone was struck down. All but one son who was left behind to die in the snowy mountains. Aedelas Blackmoor, the chief warden of the internment camps, found the young orc and called him Thrall. The name Thrall means slave in orcish and was given to the young orc. Drek'Thar is the leader of the Frostwolf clan and has been Thrall's companion and tutor for many years.

The Stormpike Clan of Dwarves has come in peace with their expeditionary forces. They are searching for old relics they know from ancient writings of their ancestors. The arrival of the dwarves has sparked a great conflict and where they fight for sole control of the valley. The dwarves of the Stormpike Clan are widely known for their fine and critical taste. The dwarves have been involved in a two-front conflict in the valley, although they had peaceful intentions. On one side the Frostwolf Clan and on the other the Winter Axe Trolls. Both factions are to be wiped out in the name of Magni Bronzebeard. The conquest of the valley and the cleansing of the land is necessary for the Ironforge Kingdom. The pride of the dwarves of Dun Morogh is the one capital of the Ironforge Alliance. Bronzebeard is the dwarf king of Ironforge.

The Trolls of Winter Axe once lived in Alterac Valley and defended it from all enemy invaders. Suddenly, Korrak the Bloodthirsty and his people vanished without a trace. The dwarves and orcs were confused as to why they were suddenly gone, but then they came to the conclusion that they must have moved away and found a quiet place to stay.

Alterac Valley is a battleground in WoW Classic that will probably move many players. A lot of people have good memories of Alterac Valley and the battles they've fought over time. WoW Classic is now all about honor and how you get the most out of it. With our Boost you get honor and marks of honor in the fastest and easiest way. If you play a battlefield, you will get a mark of honor for one defeat and if you win, you will get three.

With phase three of Classic came the honor system and the PvP ladder. This is divided into 14 levels, and there are better and better rewards for each place. However, to get to the highest level 14 you have to make a lot of sacrifices. With our mark of honor Boost from Melk Trupp you can choose how many we should get for you. Our professional players play everything themselves by hand and allow you a risk-free Boost.


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