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The Arathi Basin is added in WoW Classic in Phase 4. This will add another battleground in Classic and provide players with another great experience. Arathi Basin is located in the Arathi Highlands and is one of the most beautiful spots in Azeroth.

The Arathi Highlands is a destination for many travellers, as they will never get enough of the many animals and idyllic landscapes. If you want to get from the swamps to the south or Alterac Valley, you will have to pass through the beautiful Arathi Highlands. This path will take you past many beautiful places and old hero places.

It will also take you past Hammerfall or even inside. This Horde outpost has been standing for many years and has seen some great fighters fall. Perhaps the most famous was Orgrim Doomhammer, who fell in the Third War, and his successor was none other than Thrall. The one who took Orgrim's weapon thus fulfilled the prophecy and should lead the orcs into a good time.

Arathi Basin is a valley surrounded by mountains, which hold countless resources for the individual factions. Here you will find the most fertile land in the entire eastern kingdom and first-class pasture land. The Basin is a single infinite source of resources, and anyone who possesses them will have no trouble supplying their troops. Because of the massive wood and gold it contains, Arathi Basin has become a target for attackers who want to claim the fertile land for themselves.

The League of Arathor is a small part of the former kingdom of Stormgarde. This covenant claims the fertile lands for itself so that they can support the alliance with it. Now that the fighting continues, more and more people are coming to the far away area to consolidate their claim to territory. Facing them are the desecrated. Undead with free will who have managed to escape the curse of the Lich King. Now they have decided to go to war against the human kingdom of Lordaeron.

The conflict between the Horde and Alliance in Arathi Basin has turned into a war. This battle is about resources and nothing less. Arathi Basin is a battleground where you will participate in a resource race. This war from the Alliance and Horde is bitter and terrible, and yet it must be won. A war can only be won with the right supplies and replenishments. Food, materials and equipment can be supplied by the pool, which is why it is so important, because every soldier needs food and weapons.

The battle in Arathi Basin by the Horde and Alliance is a resource race. From your starting point, you must set out and secure the five important points. On the battlefield there are 5 different buildings that you must conquer and hold before your opponent to win the battle. You have to conquer the blacksmith, farm, gold mine, sawmill and stables. If you have more nodes than your opponents, you will get more resources. Whichever team first collects 2000 resources wins.

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