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We earn the Trinket by reaching PvP Rank 2.

We unlock [EU] WoW Classic - PvP Trinket by playing the battlegrounds.

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WoW Classic has been out for quite a while now and the phases are slowly taking hold. Over time the next phases have been activated and we can enjoy more and more content. Phase two was the start of PvP, and it was very necessary. With PvP many players enjoy the honor system and the PvP ladder. The honor system is probably the most important innovation that Phase has to offer.

With the PvP Honor System, WoW Classic has finally brought the long awaited PvP to the fore. The ladder is divided into 14 ranks and you have to collect honor points to move up the ranks. Why should you play PvP and climb the ladder. Well, for the highest ranks you get very good rewards. The highest rank is the Horde's Supreme Warlord and the Alliance's Grand Marshal. However, only 0.1% of the players make it to 14th place.

How do you get honor points? Getting honor points is actually quite simple. Basically, you just have to kill another player. But it's not as easy as it sounds. Now that the battlegrounds are in place it has become much easier to gain honor. With every victory on a battleground you will get honor and it will be credited to you in the ladder. Something else you will also get are honor badges. For every battlefield victory, you'll get three marks of honor, and for every defeat, you'll only get one. To get your PvP rewards you need to be given to Orgrimmar or Stormwind. When you get there you will need to go to the official trade fair. However, you can only enter the trade fair if you have reached rank 6 or higher. If you are not a Stone Guardsman or Lieutenant, you will only find a PvP trader outside a locked door. In the south of the old town you can find the Alliance PvP building. From the Horde, you can find it in the western part of the Valley of Strength.

What are trinkets? Trinkets are rewards from the honor system that was added in phase two of WoW Classic. They are special trinkets that give you special abilities and enhance your stats. Trinkets are jewelry and some of them are quite hard to get. However, not all trinkets increase your main or secondary attributes, but in some cases they can be used to cast spells to help you fight.

The Alliance/Horde Trinket Insigne can have an effect on yourself that will remove all movement impairing and control loss effects from you. If you change factions, the Trinket will not simply go away, but will adapt to your faction. An Insigne is a mark or badge of power or distinction. In some contexts it can also be seen as a mark of dominance. This Trinket is obtained by playing the battlegrounds and is a reward for your loyal service to the faction.

With our PvP Trinket Boost, we will upgrade your account to PvP Rank 2 so that you are guaranteed to receive your Trinket. You will also receive the Insigne of the Horde or Alliance, depending on which faction you have joined. Our professionals from Melk Trupp will earn the Trinket for you by hand. Melk Trupp Boosting is the only boosting service that can offer you this.



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