Warsong Gulch Mark of Honor

Let our professional Classic PvP players farm your Alterac Valley Mark of Honor and push your reputation with the PvP faction.

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Warsong Gulch is a battlefield where Horde and Alliance can give themselves over to their conflict. The Ashenvale Gorge to the south serves as a battlefield for 10 players at a time. Players of the Horde faction will fight for the Warsong clan and players of the Alliance will fight for Silverwing.

Ashenvale is a large shimmering forest that is used by orcs as a source of raw materials. But for the Silverwing Night Elves, the forest is home. Now they meet where tree stumps mark the way to the sawmill. The clearing began in the Third War, when the Horde needed more raw materials. Grom Hellscream once brought the Warsong clan into the forest to begin the clearing. He had received the order from Thrall the Horde leader. Thrall had to appease Hellscream, for he had a huge rage against humans and repeatedly launched attacks on their villages.

The Warsong clan belongs to the Horde and consists of orcs. They have decided to settle in Warsong Gulch and push forward with the clearing of the forest. With the clearing of the forest, they want to send more resources to the Horde for support. Ashenvale will have to surrender to Horde power, and the Alliance can do nothing about it. They cannot forbid the Horde from harvesting and logging their own territory.

The Silverwing Night Elves have launched an attack to reclaim the Ashenvale Forest. First and foremost, they are concentrating on pushing the orcs of the Warsong clan out of the forest. If the orcs clear the entire forest, the night elves' cities of Astranaar will be completely defenseless against the attacks. Without the forest, they would barely last two days.

With the third phase of WoW Classic, the honor system went live. The honor system completely changes PvP in Classic and is supposed to bring a breath of fresh air. Even a PvP ranking has come out. To earn honor points, you have to get PvP kills or pass on the battlefields like Warsong Gulch. Our boost for badges of honor will only give you advantages. Whether we win or lose, you will always get honor and badges of honor. Collecting mark of honor is good, and you can even do it from level 10, at which point you can enter some battlegrounds and get badges of honor. Collect up to level 60, 20 badges, because then you can sell them at a merchant.

The marks of honor are awarded regardless of whether you have a victory or a defeat. If you win, you get 3 marks, and if you lose, you only get one. Marks of honor can be exchanged for reputation with a merchant. With the Boost only the customer profits, because it does not matter if we lose or not.

Warsong Gulch is a flag capture mode in WoW Classic. In this mode it is different from how it is in resource race or warfare. In Warsong Gulch things usually go back and forth hectically. The flag must be stolen by the other team, but this will not happen without defense. If you want to be victorious, your team must be well coordinated, and your actions must be coordinated. It's no good if your team consists only of individually good players. They also need to play well together and act as a team. With Melk Trupp you have the best team in the world at your side and will be able to celebrate many successes with you. With our Boost you are the best on your server.


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