Aerial Unit R-21/X

Here you can buy the World of Warcraft (WoW BfA) Drop Mount from Operation: Mechagon.

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Product details

  • 8/8 operation in 5 player hard mode
  • Item Level: 415+ (Chance to get warforged, titanforged and socketed items)
  • Aerial Unit R-21/X

Operation: Mechagon has been added to the new 8.2 update of Battle for Azeroth. There were not only new bosses, but a new Megadungeon, this is the first Megadungeon for BfA. All the players can look forward to a PvE Battle and they will also be able to experience it against King Mechagon.

King Mechagon is no longer the same as he used to be. He has gone mad and wants to mechanize all organic life. Even his son has joined the rust bolt resistance.

But the reason you are here is the air unit R-21/X. You can get this special mount by playing through Operation: Mechagon in Hardmode!

You are in the Megadungeon Mechagon and there you have to activate Hardmode. You trigger it by:

  • We'll defeat the first three bosses while the Flying Suppression Unit JK-8 hovers above them.

To see if you've done it right, all you have to do is see if you're fighting the Tank-Cracker Mk II. If you do, you are in hard mode. Now fight to the end boss King Mechagon and defeat him. Once you've done that, you'll get the air unit R-21/X as loot.

With us you not only get the Aerial Unit R-21/X, but also the opertaion: Mechagon in hardmode and the chance of war forged, titanium forged and socketed items. Our professional WoW Boost is the best in the world and will provide you with the required items and mounts.


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