Here you can buy the World of Warcraft (Patch 8.2) [EU] Fabius Mount.

We will play all necessary steps for you to get the epic Mount Fabius.

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Fabius is a mount and possibly one of the easiest to get, but also not. He is one of the three seahorses. The seahorse is something very special and can only be found in one place, near the Bloodfin Village.

The problem is that you don't know exactly when he will show up, he comes every 2-8 hours. Unfortunately, he won't stay as long as he needs to appear, but will leave our World of Warcraft after only 2 minutes.

So it's time to have the Selfie camera ready! That's right, you can now continue your favorite activity digitally. You have to do a Selfie with him, but to get the Selfie-Cam you have to do some other missions first. If you have done a Selfie with him, then immediately and automatically come to your inventory.

We'll make your life easier and get you this special mount. Our experts have been helping you for years where they can and to make this fabulous seahorse wish come true.


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