Keys to the Model W

Here you can buy the cheap World of Warcraft 8.2 Drop Mount Mount Keys to the Model W.

We will help you to the achievements of Mecha-Done which will give you the new rare 8.2 Patch Mount [EU] Keys to the Model W

All required achievements and questseries are played by us by handplay.

Product details

The model W is a new mount in patch 8.2 for BfA. The new mount is a mechamotorbike and is also called a scrap heap drifter. The new mount is available in two different versions.

There is the aging model, which is cheaper and there is the new fancy model. The rusty scrap heap drifter is dropped as a prey at rust feather.

We get the nobler mecha motorcycle for the meta-achievement "mecha success". This again consists of 10 individual achievements and is probably one of the most difficult and laborious achievement there is.

The 10 individual achievements:

  • Unnamed section
  • One piston shorter
  • Foreign influence
  • Scrap yard architect
  • Scrap yard apprentice
  • Scrap yard machinist
  • Available in eight colours
  • A riding animal brand selfmade
  • Armed and ready to go

So you can really count this mount as one of the rarest mounts. The Mechamotorcycle is one of the most advanced technologies in Mechagon. We offer you the key for the model W and the mecha success. We will do all the quests you need with our hands and give you the best boost possible.

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