X-995 Mechanocat

Here you can buy for World of Warcraft (WoW BfA) the [EU] X-995 Mechanocat Mount.

We'll get you the cool mechano cat X-995 Mount.
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Product details

The mechanocat was added to patch 8.2 in Battle for Azeroth. The mechanocat is only found in the Mechagon area and will have to be assembled there like others. As you probably know, cats are all about laiser pointers. But before you can start building your own cat, you need a blueprint.

"Laiserpointer for Mechanocats" is the name of the blueprint you need for your cat. If you now have it, you can start searching for the necessary quests and items. Now upload the blueprint to Pascal-K1N6 in Rust Bolts and there you'll get the corresponding scrap yard fiddling. Pascal-K1N6 will support you in building the Laiserpointer if you bring him the appropriate parts:

  • 8x  S.P.A.R.E. Crate
  • 5x Energy Cell
  • 4x Chain Ignitercoil

Once you've made the Laiserpointer, you'll be able to summon the mechanocat. The mechanocat is available in a total of eight colour combinations:

  • Big-ol Bronze
  • Mechagon Gold
  • Lemonade Steel
  • Overload Orange
  • Fel Mint Green
  • Copper Trim
  • Fireball Red

If you have your favourite colour, then go to the colour station on Bondo's yard and talk to the robot "The rousing Martini". With our Boost, you'll easily get the Laiserpointer to summon the mechanocat X-995. Choose if you want the achievement "available in eight colors". This achievement will allow you to display the mechanocat in your favorite color. 


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