Two Sides to Every Tale

Here you can buy the World of Warcraft (Patch 8.2) Mount Bloodflank Charger and Ironclad Frostclaw unlocked by the achievement EU Two Sides to Every Tale.

Product details

War Campaign

Main story line quest


  • All 3 Zandalar / Kul Tiras zones access for Alliance / Horde
  • Honorbound / 7th Legion reputation boosted to Exalted

The new expansion Battle for Azeroth has countless new changes ready for us. One of them is the new achievement "Every story has two sides". Achieving this achievement is not easy, as it includes completing the main story for the continents of Kul Tiras and Zandalar. If you're playing for the Alliance, you'll have to complete Wave's War Campaign there, and the same applies to the Horde.

Once you've unlocked the achievement, you'll get a unique mount. The Horde and Alliance will both get a different mount. It is assumed that the mounts were stolen by the other faction and then re-trained.

The Alliance will receive the Ironclad Frostclaw. This special mount is designed like a wolf. It is grey and wears golden armour with blue accents. The Ironclad Frostclaw will be a great addition to your battle and will bring you quickly to your goals.

The Horde can also enjoy a very special and unique mount, the Bloodflank Charger. This mount is inspired by a black horse. The red armour with the brown saddle looks thorny and is a true war armor.

With the Mount you will travel at high speed through the continents and with this impressive war armor it is a strong PvE partner.

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