Uncorrupted Voidwing

Here you can use Melk Trupp Boosting to buy the World of Warcraft Mount Uncorrupted Voidwing from Patch 8.3

We kill the boss N'Zoth the Corrupter on the difficulty level Heroic so that you can get the mount.

Furthermore you get a rare achievement for your char!

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World of Warcraft is getting the final major expansion for Battle for Azeroth with patch 8.3. With this patch, many new things have been brought into play, including some new mounts. The Visions of N'Zoth should be a worthy conclusion to Battle for Azeroth. With the new patch, we will finally get to see an old god. With N'Zoth, one of the old gods who once ruled the world will be revealed. In those days, the old world was ruled by the gods, and everything took its course. The young world of Azeroth knew only cruelty and destruction from the old gods, but then the Titans came to Azeroth to reshape the world. An eternal conflict arose between the old gods and the Titans. This war was won by the Titans, and they banished and locked away the old gods.

For several thousand years, N'Zoth was also locked deep within the sea in a Titan prison. Although trapped in the depths of the sea, he was able to spread his evil powers across the land. Furthermore, he corrupted the Emerald Dream into a nightmare, and he caused every nightmare on all of Azeroth. When the Titans left the world again, they appointed a so-called Earth Guardian. At that time he was called Neltharion, and he was the leader of the great Dragon Aspect. Neltharion was corrupted by N'Zoth until he went completely insane. Not even his siblings or friends noticed that N'Zoth had gotten into his head. His new name was Deathwing until his disappearance. Together with the cataclysm he disappeared, because he was also one of the people involved in it.

Much has happened with this huge bang, as with the Highborne night elves. Queen Azshara and her subjects perished with the eternal palace. As you all know, Queen Azshara was rescued and illuminated in patch 8.2. However, all this was the grand plan of the old god N'Zoth. The eternal palace is now very deep and by coincidence very close to the prison of N'Zoth. Azshara became one of the most important allies of N'Zoth in his imprisoned time. The events of patch 8.2 have further prepared the way for N'Zoth's escape.

With patch 8.3 N'Zoth is finally free and can return to his throne of the Black Empire. He wants to bring fear and terror to Azeroth and corrupt the entire land with his corruption. His invading armies are coming to Uldum and the Valley of Blossoms. Now that N'Zoth has returned, the sleeping city of Ny'alotha has become an awakening city. This also makes Ny'alotha a new raid in patch 8.3.

In our WoW Boosting you will receive the new mount Uncorrupted Voidwing. We will take down the boss of the Ny'alotha Raid N'Zoth on the heroic difficulty level for you. When this is accomplished, you will receive a quest item called " Spawn of Vexiona". Once you have received this from N'Zoth, simply go to Furion in the Ventricle and complete the quest. With the Voidwing, you'll get one of the coolest new mounts from patch 8.3, while the purple Brood comes from a swarm of dragons with an uncertain future. Our professional players will easily get you the Uncorrupted Voidwing, and will also give you the achievement "Ahead of your time: N'Zoth the Corrupter".


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