Unshackled Waveray

Here you can buy the World of Warcraft (Patch 8.2) Mount Unshackled Waveray which is unlocked by the Exalted reputation to The Unshackled.

We will farm the required 250x Prismatic Manapearls for [EU] Unshackled Waveray Mount.

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The Unshackled Waveray is a new mount from BfA 8.2. It belongs to the faction of the Horde and lives in Nazjatar.

The Unshackled Waveray is of type Flight and requires at least level 20.
You must upgrade your reputation to reverent with the unleashed.  The unleashed armor master is Atolia Seapearl and you can find him in Neuheim. He has some quests for you and you have to complete them to improve your reputation.

Once you've earned enough reputation, you can buy the Unshackled Wave Ray for 250 mana pearls right next to the Armor Master. The unleashed ones are closely connected to the being from the depths, because they have suffered so much through the Naga.
For Alliance players who earn an Awesome reputation with Sea Blade Ankoaners, the Ankoan Waveray is awarded.

Once you've unlocked the possibility to fly, the Unleashed Waveray is the perfect mount for you. You can fly through the air and swim through the deep waters of Nazjatar.


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